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Brawker: Get Paid to Live Entirely on Bitcoin for One Month

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM
Yannick Losbar
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM

Online shoppingThat is the dream job offer that has been published on Coinality  by the American Bitcoin startup Brawker in order to highlight the benefits of its platform and Bitcoin. The startup enables  “sellers” to buy anything that is available on the internet with their bitcoins and sell them to “buyers” who order articles they designate on non-bitcoin accepting websites.

Not satisfied with the fact that they allow the Bitcoin community to save up to 20% on every purchase made on the internet using Bitcoin, Brawker recently announced a very attractive internship offer:

“All you have to do is live on Bitcoin alone for an entire month at the company’s expense. You would pay for your usual daily expenditures: your rent, your electricity, your groceries, etc… Most of these items will be paid through Brawker, but you can also patronize establishments that accept Bitcoin.”

This unique proposal will however put in the spotlight the lucky intern, who will have to share his experience regularly on various social media such as Twitter, Reddit and Youtube. Therefore, this internship opportunity is not really addressed to the shyest bitcoiners.

For this purpose, the trainee will be given $2500 worth of bitcoins to purchase all that he needs during the whole month. The experience, which could be renewed if it bore fruit, is intended to illustrate the ease with which everyone can meet the most varied expenses using Brawker, as explained by its founder, Cyril Houri:

“We just want to demonstrate that it is possible. Once someone will be able to pay for their everyday needs (rent, electricity, food, transportation, etc…) they will be in a much more comfortable accepting the payment of their salary in Bitcoin. They will then be able to live completely outside of the fiat money system that many people consider broken […]”

A Way for Bitcoin Owners to Buy Anything that is Available on the Internet

These words didn’t fall on deaf ears since a bitcoiner even paid his parking ticket through the platform. Houri also estimates that Brawker is likely to increase the global confidence about Bitcoin:

“With Brawker, we offer a way for Bitcoin owners to buy anything that is available on the internet with their bitcoins. This is what makes them much more confident that if they accept Bitcoin, they will be able to spend it on what they actually need. This is a very important step towards Bitcoin adoption.”

If you find the offer appealing, you can apply until November 20th and hope you’ll be selected by the team. Houri also gave a tip for CCN.com audience:

“We are especially looking for applicants who can be creative both in how they spend their bitcoins and how they tell the world that story, someone who can show the world that anyone can not just get by but thrive while living on Bitcoin.”

What do you think of this dream job at Brawker? Comment below!

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