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Blockchain VR Platform ImmVRse Partners with Sharing Economy Marketplace Origin Protocol

Last Updated May 8, 2023 7:52 AM
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Last Updated May 8, 2023 7:52 AM

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Blockchain VR Platform ImmVRse Partners with Sharing Economy Marketplace Origin Protocol

A trustless platform for a sharing economy, Origin Protocol, is the latest partner to the blockchain-based virtual reality (VR) platform project, ImmVRse.  In creating a product that does away with third parties or intermediaries in the sharing market, Origin Protocol encourages startups to build their marketplaces upon its platform, allowing them to return the control of information back to where it belongs: the users.

Decentralizing creativity

San Francisco-based Origin Protocol  offers a marketplace for the sharing economy, letting people who buy and sell “fractional use” goods and services to conduct their business via a distributed open network. The tech firm is backed by Pantera Capital, a capital investment company that has made its name by backing profitable blockchain startups.

Origin Protocol’s vision to empower business and developers with decentralized marketplaces on the blockchain is a perfect fit to ImmVRse’s mission to catalyze the development of VR and augmented reality  (AR) by decentralizing the market.


ImmVRse believes that collaboration with Origin Protocol will strengthen its bid to build the most effective, efficient, VR platform for hiring VR content creators on the blockchain. ImmVRse’s solution will allow VR content creators to display their creative talents and offer their services to international clients, using smart contracts to power a peer-to-peer system.

Centralized platforms are vulnerable to several points of failure, including server downtimes and server hacks. ImmVRse does away with these via a distributed app secured by cryptography, ensuring that sensitive user data is encrypted and storing index information on decentralized nodes, courtesy of the Interplanetary File System (IPFS).

ImmVRse  intends to deploy these features, utilising the open source platform of Origin Protocol, built on the Ethereum blockchain with JS and HTML. This seamless integration will translate into a drastically reduced development life cycle duration.

This new partnership opens up the opportunity for unique collaboration with Origin Protocol engineers, further facilitating VR content creators and users in securing assets. This empowers them, giving them back control of the economy through decentralized moderation while offering additional benefits to a significant portion of the world’s unbanked people.

Origin Protocol  partnerships focal point Coleman Maher expressed delight at this new opportunity to support ImmVRse’s notable attempt at decentralizing an industry with diverse services and products. ImmVRse hope that they can continue to be surprised by the types of marketplaces and applications that will utilize Origin Protocol technology.

ImmVRse co-founder and CEO Farabi Shayor was upbeat about the partnership, pointing out that both firms had a lot of common ground from which to derive an integrated vision. Through collaboration, ImmVRse hopes to enter the market sooner than forecasted and look forward to creating a longstanding mutual strategic partnership. ImmVRse is made up of multi-sector experts experienced in IT Management, VR, computer security and blockchain development.

To learn more, visit the ImmVRse website and read the ImmVRse whitepaper. To meet the ImmVRse team, connect with them on the ImmVRse Facebook page or chat with them on the ImmVRse Telegram channel.