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Blockchain Startup Panda Launched to Preserve Wildlife

Last Updated April 19, 2023 2:43 AM
Guest Writer
Last Updated April 19, 2023 2:43 AM

But, the most iconic animal is China’s panda that  was critically endangered until the Chinese government and World Wildlife Foundation embarked on a successful program to save the species. The panda has since become the symbol of worldwide conservation efforts and the face of WWF as well showing the world a successful story that others can follow.

One of the most crucial aspects of wildlife preservation is tracking the population and keeping on record how many numbers there are out there in the wildlife. The numbers are often disputed and that is why the data needs constant updates and thus a stellar database. Blockchain Technology can become an effective tool in these preservation moves as it has the ability to record tamper-proof consensus-based records. Panda.Earth is a new Blockchain project including a social simulation game built on Blockchain . It digitizes the record of every living panda in the world and allows users to enjoy a game based on that.

An Autonomous Ecosystem

Panda.Earth startup is aiming to use the attractiveness of its new game to engage more and more people  into the conservation Blockchain system. Unlike other games that use Blockchain just to settle gaming transactions, the Panda.Earth’s system is using a unique autonomous community Ecosystem to get rid of centralized storage in gaming systems.


The players are designated as “guardians” in the system and engage in a wonderful system where they can exchange different panda breeds and mate to create different varieties. Pandas are the cutest bears known to mankind and their videos generate millions of views around the world. The game is entirely stored within the community and enables users to login using their personal devices.

Real World Mapping

The Panda.Earth system is offering real-world based mapping from China Giant Panda Protection Research Center  that is able to access hundreds of real maps on pandas. These maps are readily available to all users. Right now just 100 giant pandas are available in the system and they can be followed by all panda lovers. While the total number of pandas in the world is close to 1864, the system is currently focusing on the Giant panda type for the moment.

A basic set of rules have been established for the gaming community and they are constantly updated through feedback from the local community. There is also a myriad of gaming different gameplay options available for the users based on the Ethereum smart contracts which they can unlock as they progress in the game.

Overall, the platform is dedicated to public welfare and will help other species in being recorded on the Blockchain safely and securely while increasing public interest in them.

To learn more visit the Website: https://panda.earth/.