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Blockchain Media Company Jumps on the Journey to Disrupt the Future of Entertainment

Last Updated April 25, 2023 4:23 AM
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Last Updated April 25, 2023 4:23 AM

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Hollywood movies are still in high demand these days. However, the role of movie stars in the entertainment market has changed. With big companies like HBO, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon dominating the online video streaming industry, the balance has turned in favor of platforms that stream videos on demand.

Average consumers are hungry for entertainment because it instills a sense of happiness and delight. To cater to their demands and meet their expectations, big companies are heavily investing in the production of their own shows, generating a whopping two trillion dollars per year at the global scale.

To store content such as massive video files, conventional video streaming platforms feature high-priced subscription packages that the average consumer can’t handle. Blockchain technology could help ease the process with faster and cheaper transactions for video-on-demand (VOD) streaming. The promises of the blockchain involve the usage of “smart contract” technology that could massively improve video content storage and sharing.

Introducing Binge, Blockchain video-on-demand (BVOD)

New project SLATE enters the scene with a service that plans to use the perks of blockchain technology to develop Binge, a blockchain video-on-demand service. As the parent company of Slatix Solutions and Binge Media Corporation, SLATE is the decentralized entertainment utility protocol that incorporates a secure multi-layered network: a masternode network (service layer), Binge (the blockchain video-on-demand service), and SLATIX (go-to mobile app for ticketing and entertainment discovery).


Binge aims to become a premium decentralized streaming platform. The end goal is to leverage the power of distributed ledger technology to facilitate transparent behavioral analytics and content streaming to average consumers. Driven by blockchain technology, Binge’s decentralized ecosystem delivers high-speed, low-cost, high-definition media access to worldwide consumers. For content creators, the service provides unrestricted global access and unprecedented transparency.

Disrupting the entertainment economy with the SLATE cryptocurrency (SLX)

By providing unprecedented access to premium entertainment, the Slate (SLX) token aims to become the digital currency of the entertainment economy. Powered by blockchain technology, its immutable, distributed ledger facilitates structured incentives and trustworthy, secure payments. By introducing the SLX token, Slate Entertainment Group is embarking on a journey to develop a pioneering content delivery model powered by blockchain.

The affordable tokenized ticketing system Slatix will provide deep analytics to all Slate platform users. The purpose is to connect venues with customers, and reward them for their loyalty in SLX tokens. Targeted at small and medium-sized companies, the Slatix app features low operating costs and easy setup; all Slatix tickets are forgery resistant, and therefore impossible to duplicate.

Currently, Slate is negotiating with several theater chains and film festivals to accept the SLX token and provide their customers with greater access to top-level entertainment. A promotional video explaining Slate in simpler terms can be viewed here:

Future plans to expand mass adoption of SLATE

Slate Entertainment Group recently announced that HitBTC, one of the world’s top 10 crypto exchanges in the world, will be listing SLX token, assuring contributors that SLX can be traded on the open market. By having SLX listed on a major exchange, there’s a great opportunity for the project to expand to new markets following the initial coin sale.

Slate  also attended the acclaimed Cannes Film Festival this past month, where it drew lots of attention with its potential to disrupt the entertainment industry. At Cannes, Slate secured the crypto-related documentary “Beyond Bitcoin” to further expand Binge, its proprietary blockchain-based online streaming platform, trailer can be viewed here:


During the same event, a brand new partnership was formed. Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival (SIFF) has agreed to adopt Slate’s digital ticketing Slatix for purchasing festival passes and tickets.

The Slate pre-sale is now live. The current discount is 45 percent with a 3 percent bonus and is only live until June 9!