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Blockchain Extends beyond the Current Borders for Untapped Market Investing Access

Last Updated April 19, 2023 2:51 AM
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Last Updated April 19, 2023 2:51 AM
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The budding world of blockchain and cryptocurrency has continued to ramp up its influence around the globe, and now investors will be able to purchase, trade, and track their digital assets on the go as top brands like Samsung and LG have already established their presences with HTC hot on their tails.

Cryptocurrencies have led to a major resurgence in the investing sector, particularly with budding blockchain projects following a 2-pronged strategy involving IEO and listings on exchanges to facilitate early-stage investments for enhanced exposure and rewarding their users with unprecedented access and insights into major markets.

Top investing asset class

Classic car investing assets continue to be an investor’s gold mine as it continues to outpace the S&P 500’s returns over the last decade . With the intent of fully democratizing this lucrative market, Curio provides exclusive access into the world of car investing through tokens that act as equity shares of a wide variety of classic cars. In lieu of strictly regulated securities, Curio utilizes its unique CUR tokens to represent shares in the exotic vehicles that are stored throughout strategic locations.

Blockchain-backed crowdfunding

Boomstarter.Network is a European crowdfunding platform that breaks geographic barriers by utilizing the blockchain to bypass the often restrictive conditions placed on fundraising platforms. While standard modules tend to stifle a potentially huge market, Boomstarter allows projects and early-stage adopters to all get a piece of the pie by allowing them to invest in pre-orders at the onset of development.

Extended supply chain visibility

CoffeeCoin is a pioneer in providing full transparency into the entire farm-cup process and provides an extensive network for producers to access global trading. This allows them to cater to socially responsible specialty coffee enthusiasts while supporting marginalized coffee bean producers around the globe. Not only does the platform establish a direct line of communication between producers, suppliers, and buyers for an even wider consumer market, the CoffeeCoin blockchain also serves as a major coffee trading database for verification, traceability, and immutability.

Blockchain has solidified itself as a mainstay for both blockchain entrepreneurs and investors, and the tech continues to be molded in novel, innovative ways aimed at providing social value for the entire industry.

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