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Blockchain Ecosystem, Cryptaur, Recognized as ‘Top E-Commerce Project’ by Top Crypto Media

Last Updated March 29, 2023 7:05 AM
Last Updated March 29, 2023 7:05 AM

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Launched to critical acclaim in 2017 after raising $60,000,000 and selling 8,500,000,000 billion CPT tokens to become one of the most successful token sales that year and the Cyprus-based blockchain company, Cryptaur , is showing no signs of slowing down almost a year later. The social interaction platform’s quest to disintermediate and decentralize exchanges between suppliers and consumers has brought it widespread recognition amongst leading crypto media outlets including ABMCryptoGlobal Coin Report, and CCN.

Industry Accolade

In recent articles published by the outlets, Cryptaur  was summarily crowned as the “Top E-commerce Project” on the blockchain based on its track record. The independently published affirmations praised the platform’s distinguished place in the retail marketplace and its facilitation of a direct medium of exchange free from all sorts of middlemen.

Thrilled by the recognition, Cryptaur’s CEO and FounderDmitry Buriak, declared:

“We’re very pleased with the article, which demonstrates what we’ve always believed: that Cryptaur is set to eliminate the middleman from a wide range of everyday transactions, increasing economic efficiency for everyone involved,” 


In the face of a very competitive market and hundreds of blockchain startups vying for recognition, the team behind Cryptaur  had dedicated itself to grooming and cultivating a self-sustaining and all-encompassing ecosystem addressing the costly economic hurdles faced by market participants. With an active wallet user base of 90,000, Cryptaur is one of the most engaging crypto communities out there through its CPT tokens traded globally on HitBTC, LAToken, and Orderbook. A top exchange listing is currently in the works and CPT will be trading there in the near future.

Growing Stronger

With hundreds of available ICOs now on the market, Cryptaur  stands out, after quickly surpassing competitors in total funds raised from investors, thanks to a well-conceived ecosystem that addresses many of the costly economic challenges currently encountered in the market.

Cryptaur has steadily been knocking off its roadmap targets for the year including a successful launch of credit cards by Fintech United Group in June, and automatic KYC (Know Your Customer) reveal at Fintech United Group in August. The team is now set for the release of the first generation of its X-Game on the network. This beta testing phase is the final stage ahead of its global unveiling set to showcase the network’s potential to the online gaming industry.

About Cryptaur

Cyprus-based Cryptaur was founded in 2017 to increase the efficiency of social and financial exchanges through the elimination of middlemen. The innovative ecosystem supports instantaneous peer-to-peer transactions, payment platforms, online gaming, and social interactions.

To find out more, visit – www.cryptaur.com