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Global Blockchain Consortium Agentic Group Opens London Office To Boost U.K. Fintech

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:50 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:50 PM

Agentic Group, a New York City-based global blockchain consortium, has seized an opportunity to boost the U.K. fintech sector following the Brexit vote with the opening of a London office.

The consortium, formed in 2015 to provide a cohesive voice on the financial implications of blockchains and digital currencies, has more than 35 blockchain and digital currency related companies worldwide to provide blockchain development services.

Rik Willard, founder and managing director, said the organization also seeks to provide a voice on the ramifications of digital currencies and blockchains for the global business community.

U.K. An Important Fintech Market

Lucas Cervigni, managing director of Agentic UK and an entrepreneur and global fintech industry veteran, said U.K. representation is important for several reasons. He said the U.K. is the world’s fifth-largest economy with a strong history of financial services sector excellence.

“Outside of New York City, London has for decades been considered a financial hub where not just multi-national financial institutions are located but innovative financial technology startups choose to settle and grow,” Cervigni said.

He said the Brexit vote has not lessened the level of interest in digital currencies and blockchain technology.

“It is our aim to enhance these conversations with insight into the world-changing opportunities these technologies offer from pioneers in the space,” Cervigini said. “We will provide insight and consultation on what the possible disruption of the EU referendum vote could have on these revolutionary technologies.”

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Projects To Be Annouced

“Agentic Group is an exciting consortium focused on providing a voice to the regulated industries most interested in exploring blockchain technology,” said Eric Benz, co-founder and chief operations officer of Credits, a blockchain infrastructure provider and a founding Agentic Group member. He said Credits will provide the framework for soon-to-be-announced projects.

Agentic UK marks Agentic Group’s second European office in the past month, following Agentic France in June 2016.

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