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Blockchain-Based VR Content Platform ImmVrse Looking to Become Top VR Platform in the Next Ten Years

Last Updated May 8, 2023 6:18 AM
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Last Updated May 8, 2023 6:18 AM

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VR is considered the next frontier in entertainment, gaming and even medical fields as the groundbreaking technology continues to gain traction. While VR is universally recognized as one of the sure shot things the future has in store for the world, there is no specialized platform for the sharing of proprietary VR content for major VR contributors from around the world.

ImmVRse is a Blockchain-based VR content platform  that is scalable, versatile and is designed to become the go-to place for all VR content in the future. The platform is aiming to develop into a decentralized community of VR content creators, viewers and advertisers that will encourage P2P interaction. ImmVRse has recently set a target of becoming the top VR content platform within the next decade.

Focusing on Quality VR

While there are tons of VR videos available right now on Youtube and other channels, high-quality VR content is missing. ImmVRse is on a campaign to develop exceptional hybrid-architecture that will help process in-demand VR content and allow their seamless uploads and distribution within the community.

Fixing Issues with VR

As of right now, Ultra-High Definition and low latency are two qualities that are associated with streaming top VR content that can help mitigate the effects of motion sickness associated with Virtual Reality. ImmVRse is researching about the effects of VR on the human mind and body  for this purpose and , in doing so, it has partnered with leading educational institutes. A recent combined research into the VR’s effects with Imperial School of Medicine in 2017 showed that increased latency and poor content creation in VR adds up to motion sickness associated with the genre.


ImmVRse gives content creators the ability to upload high quality VR videos with faster encoding, increased latency times and capacity associated with the created VR content.

A Fully Decentralized VR Platform

As of right now, the ImmVRse platform is based on a hybrid model  that is in between centralized models and decentralized models in data storage and execution. The reason is that setting up a fully decentralized protocol takes time and resources that are spread in the user base. As of now, ImmVRse is going ahead with a hybrid system that facilitates faster latency times, faster encoding and capacity. ImmVRse is also engaged with other companies to introduce fully decentralized options in the market as the world moves away from centralized data banks to increased transparency and security associated with decentralized systems.

ImmVRse’s Partnership with IAGON

The VR platform has partnered with IAGON, a startup that is focused on the delivery of fully decentralized systems based on cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence. A platform like ImmVRse looking to introduce true decentralization will certainly benefit from the advances made by IAGON.

To learn more visit the Website: https://immvr.se/