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This Blockchain Platform Gives Artists Control of Their Content Distribution

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:58 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:58 PM

The DECENT blockchain-based content distribution system has launched, promising better content distribution deals than Amazon and Apple, giving content creators more control of their ownership and distribution. Artists will be able to distribute any form of content, including writing, music, videos, ebooks and pictures.

The system does not rely on third parties, meaning artists will their own IP rights and pricing.

The DECENT transaction payment transfers directly to the artist’s account. Artists will no longer need to wait for payment.

The are no charges for artists and consumers to use the network. DECENT’s purpose-built blockchain has also been designed to ensure trust and security for artists.

Removing Distribution Complexity

“DECENT Network is a reaction to the issues that the majority of content producers face nowadays in the entertainment and media industry,” said Matej Michalko, founder and CEO. “There is too much artificial complexity and too many barriers in the industry affecting both the access to market and income of the content owners. The majority of the power is concentrated in the hands of a few players controlling the industry.”

“Artists, filmmakers and writers lose control over their work and depend on the mercy of the ‘big guys,’” Michalko added. “We designed DECENT Network to do away with all that and bring more transparency and fairness to the digital content industry.”

DECENT estimates writers lose between 30% to 75% of their profits when publishing with Amazon. Similarly, a musician loses around 30% selling a track on iTunes.

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Content Distribution Industry Surges

The elimination of third parties could release a large amount of spending in the global media and content distribution industry. The current level of spending is estimated to grow from $1.7 trillion in 2016 to more than $2 trillion in 2019, according to DECENT.

Competitors in the blockchain-based content distribution market include SingularDTV, which focuses on the movie industry; Ujo Music, which focuses on audio content; and DNN.media, which focuses on news.

DECENT claims to be unique in developing its own blockchain specifically to incorporate every format imaginable – all under one roof.

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