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Blockchain and Its Advantages — Meet a New Messenger ADAMANT

Last Updated May 8, 2023 5:57 AM
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Last Updated May 8, 2023 5:57 AM
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It is obvious that as an innovative technology blockchain gets deeper into our life. It doesn’t concern only “technicians”, but also everyone is affected by it. However, the hype around it has generated a desire to speculate, rising to tens of new “tokens” and ICOs every day, and all this infinite variety sweeps aside practical application based on the blockchain. Investors are offered technically impossible for the realizing ideas, such as the creation of safe exchange predictions, financial funds and other pieces of the world supremacy.

The ADAMANT project is unique based on this — you will hardly find a couple of both tokens and blockchain projects having a real application.

ADAMANT  — is the most anonymous and protected messenger working on a blockchain. Unlike similar projects, which are thanks to big PR campaigns are better known, the ADAMANT already works and allows to send messages (versions are available on the https://msg.adamant.im/#/ on Web, a PWA-application for the Android and the TestFlight-version for IOS). Yes, the ADAMANT has found the real implementation of the blockchain technology where each message registers in the block, forming the invariable sequence of correspondence in time.

The process of keeping message storage in blocks is possible because of the technical realization which is thought over in the ADAMANT, namely the separate and independent DPoS blockchain with 5 seconds time per block. It allows to make correspondence with a rather comfortable response. Similar projects only promise storage of messages in a blockchain as they are constructed on Ethereum which productivity is obviously lower for conducting the correspondence of many users, not to mention the cost of the commissions (“gas”).


The ADAMANT keeps the initial concept of a blockchain — anonymity. To use a messenger, it is enough to create in a second the new anonymous address for correspondence. No phones, emails, and other requisites. Pay attention to similar projects — they demand the indication of a phone number at start. And, judging by the Whitepaper of the new project of Telegram TON, which has flowed away in the network, there is even more rigid identification of the personality which will be used in it. In general, the ADAMANT “fights” for anonymity and protection of your data, and gives such features which you could check out in the table of comparison :

Why the privacy and protection of the user data is so important? Why each message has a fee in the ADAMANT’s network? The answer is simple, free messengers don’t exist. No company will pay for servers, employees and for all other for charity reasons. When you use a “free” messenger, you don’t even know what price you pay for it. Your email, phone number, communications with other people, location, IP and information stored on your device, interests, images and a lot of things which don’t belong to you and belong to large corporations. They decide what to do with this information. Moreover, you can’t be sure that they don’t “read” your messages as program codes of the protocol and of the applications are closed. The ADAMANT is transparent — you know how much you pay and what do you pay for.

The commission of ADAMANT network for messages is corrected depending on ADM token price: from the beginning it was 0.005 ADM, and now with updating of network, it is equal to 0.001 ADM. It can be zero or close to zero when the infrastructure becomes stable.

The ADAMANT project is realized by the Russian team of developers for 2017-2018, having achieved the following results:

  • The “live” network MainNet and test TestNet are created. As the source code is open, everyone interested can deploy the ADAMANT’s node.
  • Web browser applications, PWA for Android, a demo-version for the iOS are released.
  • As a result of attracted funds for the further development the project has already reached SoftCap of $500,000 (till June 30 ICO is held for investors).

At the moment the messenger is operating basic functions only, but it is already quite convenient in use. As the ADAMANT only gathers audience, now there is an opportunity to receive 0.49 ADM for free testing the messenger (this covers amount of 490 messages) — for this purpose just create a new wallet, and “airdrop” will arrive within a minute.

As the Messenger is a crypto-project, the function of tokens transfer also is built in.

In general, summarizing key features of the ADAMANT project, it is possible to allocate the following:

  • The protected and anonymous messenger.
  • Already functioning messenger. Versions are available for iOS and PWA (Web and Android).
  • It is convenient. Completely open source code.
  • The only messenger working completely on the Blockchain technology.
  • The integrated payment system provided.
  • The complex architecture of the system.
  • Airdrop-tokens for testing the messenger.
  • Favorable conditions for investors on ICO. Wallets of ADM grow for 5% every month before exhaustion of tokens reserve, unsold on ICO.

To learn more about the project and to watch a 56 second survey video  is possible on the official ADAMANT website  and if there are any questions, please, feel free to contact the developers directly — ADAMANT: U15738334853882270577.

Reading the Whitepaper  of the project, it is possible to note that developers plan to realize the ADAMANT Business — expansion of a messenger for transfer and the digital signature of documents in the Blockchain.

The ADAMANT Tech Labs team positions the ADAMANT as the future of messages exchange, and, considering a rapid development of technologies and emphasis of the modern world on confidentiality, it can be so.