Blake “Defcon” Benthall Already Admitted to Being the Administrator of Silk Road 2.0

According to the Ars Technica reporter present at Blake “Defcon” Benthall’s court hearing today, 11/6/14, the federal prosecutors have already received a confession from Mr. Benthall. In a short hearing today in San Francisco, California, Mr. Benthall appeared in court to confirm his name and age. The prosecutors were able to schedule a custody hearing for tomorrow, after which Mr. Benthall is likely to be transferred to New York, where the federal court case was originally filed.

Mr. Benthall has not formally plead anything since he has not yet been formally indicted. Tomorrow, Blake “Defcon” Benthall will likely be denied bond. The FBI has also promised that their Operation “Onymous” will have taken down more than three dark net marketplaces by Friday. For the next week and the time after, expect arrests to continue being announced around the world.

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Defcon Has Established Flight Risk

The federal prosecutor, Kathryn Haun, informed the court that Mr. Benthall should not be granted bail given his high likelihood of attempting to flee. Last year, Ross Ulbricht was denied bond largely on trumped up charges of murder-for-hire. This time, the federal authorities found “Defcon” with $100,000 cash in home, which to the government is nothing but a clear sign of the worst criminal intent.

Haun told the court:

“He was found with over $100,000 in cash at home. He has a passport. We’re not aware of whether that was secured. In addition to all of the detail, Mr. Benthall did admit to everything after receiving his Miranda rights—that he was the administrator of Silk Road 2.0. Our principle basis is flight risk at this point.”

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