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Bitsoup Provides Real-Time Bitcoin Information Updates: A Review

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM
Jonathan Saewitz
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM
The menu of bitsoup. The following options are available: News, price, calculator, charts, limits, options, and about. These options are written in white text above the following respective background colors: blue,light blue, teal, green, orange, orange-red, pink. magenta.
Bitsoup’s colorful menu. Tapping on a page offers a fluid slide-through transition.

Bitsoup  is an iPhone application that was released on July 23, 2014. It was created by Red Wagon Apps, an independent app development company. Bitsoup allows you to see the latest Bitcoin news and price information, calculate how much money X bitcoins will cost, see Bitcoin price charts, and set limits for notifications when the price hits a minimum or maximum value. This article reviews Bitsoup v.1.02.

Features & Review


Bitsoup has a nice interface to view the latest news. It pulls news from various websites (such as reddit, CCN.com, and Coindesk) and lists them. The user can click on a news piece and view it straight from the Bitsoup app. Unfortunately, I’ve found that its’ using reddit as a news source is not beneficial. Much of the ‘news’ from reddit is not actually news, but other things that redditors post. Fortunately, Bitsoup allows the user to turn off news updates from certain websites. Overall, I am impressed with Bitsoup’s news feature.


This is a useful and helpful page. It shows the current Bitcoin price as well as highs and lows, and other useful information such as the average block discovery time, Bitcoin’s market capitalization, and the total number of bitcoins in circulation. It’s a useful page to quickly check for information.


Bitsoup’s calculator is a relatively basic feature. The user inputs a number of bitcoins, and the app calculates how much it would cost to buy that many bitcoins.

A page offering information on Bitcoin such as the average block discovery time, currency difficulty, total daily number of transactions, and the number of bitcoins traded that day.
Bitsoup’s price information page has lots of good information.


A great feature of Bitsoup is the limits option. The user can input highs and lows for the bitcoin price, and when the price of a bitcoin goes above or below the minimum or maximum, the user receives a push notification.

Bottom Line

Bitsoup is a great app that I’d definitely recommend the average Bitcoiner download. I especially like its design; it boasts a wonderful color scheme and menu. It’s free, but contains small, non-invasive advertisements in the news feed. While there are certainly things to improve, Bitsoup is worth the 4.4 MB of space. It doesn’t seem to be actively developed, with the last update (bug fixes) on August 7th.

Disclosure: A few months ago I contacted Bitsoup to advertise with them but never ended up doing so. This did not impact my review in any way.

Images from Bitsoup, Denys Prykhodov and Shutterstock.