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BitMart Announces Strategic Partnership With FMZ.com

Last Updated April 25, 2023 3:27 AM
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Last Updated April 25, 2023 3:27 AM
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BitMart , a premier global digital asset trading platform, recently announced their strategic partnership with FMZ.com. The partnership aims to offer AI strategies and technical support for BitMart and users will be able to leverage on FMZ’s various trading strategies.

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FMZ Quant Platform  is a cloud platform created by FMZ Technology Co., Ltd. for quantitative enthusiasts (Quants). The platform provides users with accurate backtesting function, high-speed real-time trading interface, easy-to-use API documentation and from simple to complicated strategy library, making it easy for users to quickly implement their own trading strategy.

The online platform has restrict requirements for its performance of security. It integrates the complete process of strategy development, testing, optimization, simulation, and real-time trading. FMZ also supports high-frequency trading strategies, various arbitrage strategies, and support multi-data, multi-variety, multi-cycle hybrid strategies.

“We are delighted to integrate with BitMart in efforts to bring more trading options to our platform users,” said Zhang Chao, COO of FMZ.com. “We are committed to becoming the most efficient quantitative trading platform and would like to provide BitMart with more AI strategies and technical support in the near future.”

“We are excited to be collaborating with FMZ,” said Sheldon Xia, Founder and CEO of BitMart. “As BitMart’s goal is to create a more informative and transparent marketplace, the partnership will better serve BitMart’s users by leveraging on FMZ’s custom trading strategies.”

About BitMart 

BitMart  is a premier global digital asset trading platform in the cryptocurrency market with over 900,000 users worldwide and ranks among the top 5 crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap . BitMart currently offers 262 trading pairs  with relatively low trading fees in the market. As of today, BitMart has offices in South Korea, Hong Kong, United States, and Nigeria with employees in 15 different countries and regions.

To learn more about BitMart, visit their Website Twitter  or join their Telegram .

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