Bitmain does it again with the new Antminer S2 1th/s Miner.

Today I was excited to see the release news on, a US distributor for Bitmain, that they were starting to sell the new Antminer S2 1 th/s unit. They will be shipping the first batch on April 1st of 2014.

The Antminer S1 is a hit due to the competitive price and excellent availability of the units. With distributors like 112bit also shipping fast and keeping pricing current each day, the S1 had many miners very happy and created many loyal customers.

Juan from 112bit is going to be demonstrating the Antminer S2 at the Inside Bitcoins New York convention on April 7-8.
When I asked Juan Garavaglia owner of 112bit about this debut, he said.

We are very excited, is a big step forward we have the most competitive mining hardware and fast delivery we are receiving many orders and the Bitmain website sold out in 6 hours the 1st batch.

With the great price and performance of the S1, it looks like Bitmain is going to be able to do it again with their new S2 model, as well. Sipping power 1 watt per GH/s, it will make it a successful Bitcoin miner over the long haul.

I am looking forward to trying one of these and publish my results here on

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Scott Fargo

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