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Bitcoin’s Global Reach Hits Africa’s Ghana

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM
Evander Smart
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM

Dream Bitcoin FoundationAs Bitcoin has become a global phenomenon, with the acquisition of super-corporations like Microsoft, Dell Computers, and Paypal, let’s not forget that Bitcoin has more humble, but even more important aspirations. Probably its best skill is to bring global finance to the “unbanked” worldwide.

Adding international reach and exchange to those who are challenged to deal locally even in a valuable currency. The ability to educate the billions of people who want and need this new technology is vital, and dare I say more important than enriching Western societies with a new investment strategy. Bitcoin is far more than that. This is where organizations like the Dream Bitcoin Foundation can help, in Ghana, Africa. They will host a first-ever Bitcoin seminar in Ghana, with many of Bitcoin’s elite in attendance.

Ghana Seminar Includes Leaders Like Andreas Antonopoulos

Dream Bitcoin Foundation is a non-profit organization created by a young Ghanaian Bitcoin enthusiast, Philip Asare, to empower young crypto entrepreneurs in Ghana. Dream Bitcoin Foundation is raising funds intending to bring together young, ambitious and determined entrepreneurs, enabling them to achieve their dreams, without the need for government assistance. The Foundation will enable start-up entrepreneurs to establish their businesses online to connect with international markets, and use Bitcoin as a payment tool. Potentially, the integration of mobile money, crypto-currencies, and encouraging entrepreneurs may significantly shift the countries economic conditions over time, as well as personal financial autonomy.

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Dream Bitcoin Foundation, in cooperation with Bitnation, the Conscious Entrepreneurship Foundation, Coinapult, Bitrefill and New World University is proud to announce the 1st regional bitcoin seminar. Six schools are confirmed for participation at Kumasi Polytechnic on 11th and 12th of December, 2014 from 10am to 5pm. The topic of the seminar will be Bitcoin, Entrepreneurship, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Governance and Mobile Payment Systems. It will be an interactive event, where audience participation is a priority, through breakout sessions, open-ended discussions, and problem-solution oriented group assessments.

Acting Programs Manager Narigamaba Mwinsuubo of the Dream Bitcoin Foundation Acting Programs Manager on what they hope to accomplish at this month’s inaugural meeting:

“The seminar will provide a platform for the implementation of payment systems, projects from the field of cryptocurrencies and cryptography. Also increase the social awareness and popularity of digital money, and the potential to use the blockchain technology for self-governance, such as land deeds. I believe it will provide an opportunity for our fellow African Bitcoiners – students and young professionals alike, to network, share ideas, and put these strategies into action back home. Ghana offers an ideal test bed for Bitcoin business models that may flourish all over Africa because of the weak traditional banking infrastructure and high usage of Android mobile phones.”

A mix of local and international speakers will speak live or via Skype, including the author Dan McLaughlin and Professor Sir Charles Evans, Nikunj Handa from the local Bitcoin startup BeamRemit. Gabriel Sukenik from Coinapult is confirmed, as well as Alakanani Itirelang on promoting Bitcoin in Botswana. Bitcoin legend Andreas Antonopoulos will also make an appearance, as well as Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, the CEO of BITNATION. Susanne will be at the seminar in Kumasi during both days, holding discussions about Do-It-Yourself Governance through the Bitcoin blockchain technology. For more information, contact Narigamaba Mwinsuubovia via Facebook or use Dream Bitcoin Foundation’s website. 

Images from Dream Bitcoin Foundation, Anton_Ivanov and Shutterstock.