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Bitcoingames.com Paid over 90 BTC in Total Jackpots This Month

Last Updated May 2, 2023 6:50 AM
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Last Updated May 2, 2023 6:50 AM
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The popularity of bitcoingames.com  continues to soar with more online gambling buffs signing up daily. Players can win many prizes at stake and stand to earn plenty of jackpots. One player in this site collected more than $925,000 worth of BTC recently after playing the Mystic Books slot .

Huge Bonanza

The BitcoinGames.com  bitcoin casino pays large Roll-over prizes that reached over 90 coins in December of the current year. Players opted for the site’s classic games because of the slight house edge as well as “provably fair” gaming. This web-based casino offers favorite games such as Blackjack, Craps, Dice, Keno, Poker, Roulette, and Slots.

Just last week, one player of Progressive Roulette won a massive pot amounting to 7.7498 coins after hitting three O’s one after the other. Luck was definitely on the person’s side since getting three O’s in succession could be only one out of 50, 653 chances. The guy won by playing progressively and added one credit to the bet before spinning the wheel instead of playing regular Roulette.


99.12% Probability of Return

Gamers can look forward to the gaming experience and total entertainment with an extremely high likelihood of winning at 99%. Players need not worry about registration processes for betting anonymously. To begin gambling, just deposit a few coins to the address provided by BitcoinGames.com. The site ensures a so-called two-factor verification procedure together with secured accounts.

The Shape Shift integration and Affiliate Program allows all players to deposit 35 different coins as well as a competent 24.7 customer support team. Websites that integrate with Shifty Button or Skeleton Tool Application Programming Interface (APIs) can avail of this system. Integrators can expect a payout or commission of 0.25% based on the overall amount of BTC volume the integration offers.

Winning players bet jackpot payouts instantly and withdraw their prizes at any given time without submitting any personal and financial information. Only citizens of the United States cannot play at BitcoinGames.com because of legal restrictions. However, residents of other countries can play for fun and money. US citizens hope to play for actual money in the future.

Best Gaming Website

All of a sudden, online gambling enthusiasts BitcoinGames.com started to gain popularity as each game in this platform earned the distinction of 100% provably fair. At the same time, this online casino presents one of the most beneficial odds in the gambling industry. According to the management of BitcoinGames.com, the portal strives to provide pleasant gaming experience along with many special promos on a regular basis.

One particular perk, Bitcoin Games Referral Program, gives players the opportunity to earn at least 25% of the house edge by persuading their friends to play at the casino. Interested visitors who happen to read and check out the site can expect the online casino to guarantee enjoyable moments aside from the possibilities of winning large prizes. Management says anyone can try to play and will surely not get disappointed.