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Bitcoin Music Interview: Connie Kearney

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM
Clay Michael Gillespie
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM

Music bandConnie Kearney is best known in the cryptocurrency space for writing articles for CCN.com, including his popular column highlighting Bitcoin job openings around the world, but he’s also been gaining popularity as a musical artist.

Under the name YESConnie, he put up a track on sfx.io called Lost Verse 5. Coming from a background in Bitcoin technology, he opened up the track with a nod to the blockchain, Bitcoin and the ChangeTip application.

He said in an interview with CCN.com:

“People fear what they don’t understand. I included Bitcoin in my lyrics as a way to promote awareness and to express my advocacy for the emerging decentralized economy.”

Connie’s mindset is that Bitcoin is getting closer to mainstream each and every day, and is on the cusp of becoming something “cool.” Right now Bitcoin has a niche community, but he thinks music can change that.

“Music has a way of spreading cool,” he said.

But while music may be able to “spread cool,” some people in the writing community often shy away from including technology of the times in their work for fears of “dating” their art. By connecting artwork to something that could one day be outdated, writers and artists risk their pieces losing timelessness. With Bitcoin music, referencing the technology ties the artwork to a period that could one day be forgotten.

According to Connie though, he’s not afraid out any dating outcome.

“I don’t think of ‘dating’ my work as a bad thing. Some things are timeless, and some things are timely. Either way, the creation is all that matters.”

Outside the Realm of Bitcoin Music

Bitcoin Music Connie KearneyConnie also opened up about some other technology in the world, and was able to expand on what innovations he was fascinated with today.

“Besides Bitcoin and blockchain tech, I find 3D printing fascinating. Similar to how every home had an ink-jet printer, I foresee the same thing happening with 3D printers. Imagine a decentralized marketplace where users can download designs of anything and print them into reality in real-time! This is exciting stuff.”

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He also believes that the mainstream music industry is opening up to referencing all technology in their artwork, not just in Bitcoin music. Artists like Childish Gambino aren’t ones to shy away from references to technology, and others are referencing social networks, like Instagram, more and more in their tracks lately. He said:

“I think this is just now becoming popular. Since the iPhone debuted back in 2007, people have been introduced to a whole new world of commuting. Everyone has a cell phone, and most have a smartphone. Because of this everyone can now relate (on certain levels) to how we interact with each other through technology, and how we interact with technology period. We have new lingo, etiquette and a whole digital culture we’re part of. Songwriting was always personal and technology has just now become personal.”

Images from Connie Kearney and Shutterstock.