The Bitcoin Event Workshop, LaGuardia College New York

Alex Gorale @CoinfeedIO
March 24, 2015

The Bitcoin Event at LaGuardia is a Workshop set for March 25th. Beginning at 9AM at New York City’s LaGuardia Community College, this half-day event is an opportunity to network with Bitcoin experts, hear their insights, and meet the entrepreneurs building the Bitcoin ecosystem. The workshop is a result of a partnership between LaGuardia and CRYPSA, the cryptocurrency standards association. CRYPSA is a member-driven community focused on safety and security of digital currency. This event is free and open to the public.

Bitcoin Event Co-Sponsored By CRYPSA

CRYPSA began in August 2014. It is the self-declared standard bearer for cryptocurrency and a promoter of self-governance. Its members establish, publish and monitor certifying standards and best practices for modern payment systems. Effectively, providing the a means for the cryptocurrency community to influence how governments and banks respond to technology like Bitcoin.

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The speakers’ backgrounds cover a spectrum of specialties including:

  • Blockchain Evolution
  • Legislative Climate
  • Privacy
  • Social & Political Change
  • Mining
  • Criminal Activity
  • Banking & Commerce

The featured presenter is Andreas Antonopolous. Following his lead is Gital Zakh of the Israeli Bitcoin Embassy, CEO of Rivetz Corporation, Steven Sprague. From Silk Road Equity comes executive chairman Andrew Fillpowski. The afternoon presenters are Aidan Doyle, CEO of Bellwether Capital, Alex Palantzas of the Bitcoin Center New York, and Manuel Perez founder of CRYPSA and co-chair of The Bitcoin Event.

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Alex Gorale @CoinfeedIO