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Bitcoin Conference Comes to Prague This Spring

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:44 PM
John Weru Maina
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:44 PM
Bitcoin conference comes to Prague this spring.
Bitcoin conference comes to Prague this spring.

This May, the city of Prague plays host to the Bitcoin Prague Conference . The meet which will take place on May 14th 2015 will bring together key players in the crypto community, and is being billed by the organizers as an opportunity to meet “future business partners, colleagues and adherents.”

Some of the topics to be discussed at the conference will include forecasts on Bitcoin in 2015, the future prospects of blockchain technology, investment, regulation and gambling using cryptocurrency.

CCN.com spoke to one of the conference organizers, Natalie Gavrilenko on the upcoming Prague conference and the following is what she had to say,

How would you describe the theme of the conference?

The main topic of the event – is, of course, efficient use and development of cryptocurrency worldwide. Speakers of the conference will focus on the most current topics and issues that are directly related to cryptocurrency and are of interest for representatives of the most diverse areas of business. Section dedicated to use of Bitcoin in gambling will discuss if there is future for cryptocurrency in the industry, what the benefits of cryptocurrency usage both for operators and for players are, and if success of Bitcoin in online gambling is really inevitable. At Bitcoin Conference Prague, they will also discuss various ideas on blockchains for financial field and banking.

One of the topics to be discussed are smart grids built on the block chain. In what way do you see this as being a potential killer app?

Today’s top topics in the industry are block chain and Bitcoin in gambling. In this regard, the conference will place particular emphasis on these issues.

How would you describe the uptake of bitcoin / block chain technology in Eastern Europe?

Today, Bitcoin is increasingly used in economies of Eastern Europe. According to Viktor Kazak, who is a board member of Fundatia Bitcoin Romania, Bitcoin is in condition where all those who believe in it as the currency or protocol should unite with like-minded people to help this cryptocurrency continue to move forward.

Last summer Bitcoin Foundation opened its first branch in Eastern Europe – in Romania. This institution is the fourth in Europe, and there are other actively operating in Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands. At Bitcoin Conference Prague the following speakers will report on development of Bitcoin in Eastern Europe: Mikhail Chobanyan (will present first and most active in Eastern Europe Bitcoin Embassy of Ukraine) and Birsan Dragos-Cristian (Director of Communications, Fundatia Bitcoin Romania).

Conference speakers will talk about the situation with cryptocurrency in their countries and about many other issues.