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Bitcoin Bowl College Football Game Brings Digital Currency Workshops to Madeira Beach

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM
Clay Michael Gillespie
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM

Bitcoin Bitpay Bitcoin BowlBitPay, a leading bitcoin payment processing company, recently partnered with ESPN to sponsor the 2014 St. Petersburg Bowl, also known as the Bitcoin Bowl. The post-season college football game pits one Atlantic Coast Conference team against another from the American Athletic Conference, two highly popular conferences both with enormous American fanbases.

But two days before the Bitcoin Bowl is underway on Dec. 26, both teams get an afternoon on the Madeira Beach, Florida, to soak in the sun and enjoy the weather. At the “Beach Bash,” merchants are given the opportunity to learn more about digital currency and bitcoin.

According to Misty Wells, owner of MWI Marketing and PR, and the Tampa Bay Business Journal , the city will host a workshop this month with hopes of educating store owners and merchants about to use and advantages of bitcoin.

“The Bowl game brings millions of dollars to Pinellas County through hotels, food and beverage, tourist attractions. The city of Madeira Beach will be able to capture a fair amount of that business,” Wells said.

Bitcoin Bowl Presale

College Football Game Sponsored by Bitcoin BitPay Bitcoin BowlDuring the month of October, bitcoin users got an exclusive chance to buy pre-sale tickets for the Bitcoin Bowl before any fiat users through BitPay. CEO Tony Gallippi explained the move in a press release at the time, stating the following:

“The ticket pre-sale is exclusive to bitcoin purchases, giving the bitcoin community a two week head-start to get the best seats in the house before tickets are available through other payment methods. We look forward to packing the stands at the Bitcoin Bowl with the bitcoiners who have raised digital currency awareness and driven bitcoin’s adoption.”

The 2014 Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl will be broadcasted to approximately 100 million households through ESPN’s network. The contract between BitPay and ESPN lasts for four years before a reevaluation.

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Images from BitPay and Shutterstock.