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Bitcoin ATM Company SatoshiPoint Gains Angel Investors and Plans for Expansion

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:44 PM
Joel Dalais
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:44 PM

satoshipoint3SatoshiPoint  is a company operating Bitcoin ATMs in multiple locations across the UK. Powered by General Bytes software in secure fixed-kiosk locations, SatoshiPoint Bitcoin ATMs offer the very best user experience to allow individuals to buy and sell Bitcoin with zero or low processing costs with each transaction.

SatoshiPoint has recently re-launched under the solo management of Hassan Khoshtaghaza. They have confirmed the back of two Angel Investors, for the purposes of funding expansion plans. New locations and increased liquidity are in store.

His once business partner and good friend Jonathan James Harrison went his own and started his own business creating Telebit, The Telegram Bitcoin Wallet.

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The company will be adding to its current locations of Rathbone Place and Old Street Underground London, Manchester, Bristol and Swansea. These machines will enable users to buy or sell bitcoins and will be powered by General Bytes  software.

The new website  is soon to launch with a slick new design and web portal to process Bitcoin Transactions.

Purchases under £10,000 can be made directly through satoshipoint.com and will appear automatically in your Bitcoin wallet. Orders over £10,000 will be met via liquidity from the investor’s digital fund, the process will be managed by SatoshiPoint – acting as escrow provider – to ensure zero risk to all parties.


Another round of funding is already planned and installation of a further Bitcoin ATMs at 15 more locations nationwide. Merchant adoption tends to occur more often, so the increase in the options to acquire bitcoin is a benefit to the growth. With increased liquidity, service, locations and backing, the future looks bright for SatoshiPoint. Their development from start to now and onwards is one to watch.

Hassan Khoshtaghaza, Managing Director of SatoshiPoint, had this to say;

These are exciting times for Bitcoin, SatoshiPoint and the UK. I’m really excited to be working with the Angel investors and ecstatic to raise my first round of funding.

I have so much positive energy for the future of SatoshiPoint and look forward to seeing the business grow and adapt to the needs of the crypto community in the United Kingdom and further afield.

SatoshiPoint can be reached via Facebook Twitter , Linkedin, phone +44 (0)203 290 6321 or email [email protected].

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