Bitcoin Art Made in Croatia By Zoran Kutuzovic

As we know, Bitcoin will save the arts. Bitcoin Artists can benefit from P2P markets in a big way. The slogan of the Croatian Tourist Board is the “Mediterranean as it once was.” The slogan is highly appropriate for a country that boasts of a rich heritage stretching back to Roman times. In fact, the emperor of Rome, namely Diocletian built a home in what is now the city of Split in Croatia. However, thanks to bitcoin artist Zoran Kutuzovic, Croatia is the “Mediterranean as it will always be.”

Zoran Kutuzovic – Croatia’s Bitcoin Artist

Zoran Kutuzovic describes himself as a multimedia artist and painter pioneer in crypto art. Kutuzovic explains that his brother was the one who introduced him to bitcoin. He found the bitcoin symbol interesting and came to admire the members and friends who were part of the bitcoin ecosystem. On looking around he saw that there was little quality artwork related to bitcoin, and he felt he could change that.

In 2013, again with some pointers from his brother, he posted his first two paintings on Bitcointalk to instant acclaim. The paintings were part of a series entitled “Bitcoin Attack.” Many of the forum users, as well as friends, wanted to use the paintings in their offices and living rooms. His paintings are mostly abstract and revolve around the bitcoin colors orange, black and white.

Kutuzovic’s Paintings

Kutuzovic’s experience in art, multimedia and audio-video production helped him make the paintings simple, fresh and offer sharp contrast. The idea behind the paintings has been to simulate coins. A constant of all paintings are the feint circle lines that extrapolate beyond the painting. Sparks around a bitcoin logo shows are meant to describe bitcoin’s constant movement, as a digital currency, as well as its continuous evolution.

The choice of colors to him are also significant. The black and white backgrounds are  used to express deepness .White colour slush movements with fully loaded brush are used to harmonize the overall impression of the paintings’ abstract style. Orange colour spiral lines aim at making the paintings modern and “hot.” Kutuzovic  has also worked on paintings for other coins including Litecoin, Darkcoin, Maxcoin, NXT, Peercoin, and Qora. At the recent Bitcoin conference in Ljubljana Slovenia, he exhibited five paintings under the theme “Bitcoin Fireworks.” The exhibition generated interest at the event. In addition, he has also developed a following on the bitcointalk forum.

“The exhibition in Slovenia was a small presentation of my works for business people. I exhibited just a few paintings, but everyone came just to look.” He describes the organizer of the Slovene event  Gregor Knaflec as an art lover and hopes that he would be able to exhibit again at future Bitcoin conferences in Slovenia. This November, which will mark the first anniversary since he started working on bitcoin paintings, he plans to exhibit his work in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2015, he plans to produce his first sculpture that will combine his love of wood design, and the abstract style he has developed with his bitcoin and altcoin paintings.

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