Billionaire Bitcoin Skeptic Mark Cuban Wants In On The ICO Boom

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June 30, 2017 10:50 PM UTC

Despite previous criticism of the Bitcoin “bubble,” Mark Cuban has announced that he will be picking up tokens in an upcoming eSports ICO, Unikrn. Cuban had previously claimed to have only picked up about $20 in Bitcoin, but it would be no surprise if he had greater confidence in Ethereum and Ethereum-based platforms. Many investors have, and so a lot of money has flowed into that economy. Nevertheless, when famous billionaires throw their money in a given direction, markets take notice. The success of the Unikrn ICO is probably leagues ahead of where it would have been before such news.

Cuban has already previously invested $7 million in the company behind the ICO, which enables people to bet on electronic sporting matches, in first-person shooter and other types of online games. Such a market will only grow, and Cuban correctly believes as much as well. As such, in any case, it’s no surprise he’s supporting the ICO in the press, with outlets now covering the Unikrn ICO favorably as a result of Cuban’s support.

For its part, Unikrn represents a way into a growing market – eSports gambling. Those who get the token are likely to profit, and that Cuban is involved and that the ICO will likely be successful means that a further round of good news will ring out about ICOs. The ICO bubble may only continue to grow. The irony of this is that Cuban himself declared the Bitcoin bubble not long before a rise and then decline of around $500, but now he is himself participating in the prolonging of the ICO bubble through his participation in Unikrn.

Unikrn is the worldwide leader in esports betting. You can bet legally, for free, anywhere in the world using Unikoins, our virtual tokens. We also offer real money betting in Australia and the UK. Back your picks with Unikoins or real money and feel the rush when you watch the next big match.

In addition to standard betting, Unikrn has giveaways and the like. The company really manages to cater to gamers of a certain age, probably 17 through 35. That is the ideal gamer to appeal to, as it is the gamer who will actually have money to spend. That there are gamers in the higher age brackets is no myth – these are the people who fund the development of each new generation of gaming platform. PC gamers remain dedicated to their platform, despite what new platforms come out in the console variety. Both can be catered to with a gambling platform, because both have elements that can be bet on.

The bottom line is that gambling is one of the first needs that cryptocurrency, especially token-based cryptocurrency, can solve. Betting on sports and eSports can be done as well, and Unikrn is one of many plays in that space to come.

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