Berlin Plays Host to the Annual Bitcoin Film Festival – Bitfilm

October 30, 2015

The Bitfilm Festival, an annual film festival about all things Bitcoin and Blockchain and spanning multiple cities around the world is due to kick-off tomorrow, October 31 in Berlin, Germany.

The first global film festival to showcase films exclusively related to Bitcoin and Blockchain will have its second annual event start in Berlin tomorrow. The film festival will then roll around to more than a dozen cities around the world where local communities of Bitcoin enthusiasts will organize the event in their respective cities.

The final pit stop of the worldwide tour is rumored to be in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but the dates aren’t fixed just yet, according to the film festival’s website.

Confirmed cities include the likes of Barcelona, London, Luxemburg, Saigon, Madrid, Miami, Mexico City, Rome, San Francisco, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Budapest and Bali.

A Film Festival to Celebrate Bitcoin

The concept of a film festival exclusively showcasing films related to Bitcoin started last year but the ‘Bitfilm’ festival had its roots from the turn of the millennium in 2000, preceding the invention of Bitcoin.

At the time, films that were produced with a leaning toward digital technology and innovation were streamed on the internet as a part of the festival from Hamburg, Germany. Attendees included guests hosting parties from Barcelona, Bangalore, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, New York and other cities around the world.

Last year, the festival was reinvented and the name obviously stuck. The number of participating cities have also expanded from Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul, Amsterdam, Budapest and Bali from 2014.

There are eight films nominated for the winner this year. They can all be found on the film festival’s webpage, here.

Even the voting structure to pick a winner uses bitcoin, as a voting tool. Viewers are encouraged to vote by sending in bitcoin to their chosen film, and every nominated film has its own address in the bitcoin blockchain. It is, of course,
a public vote and the film with the highest total in donations, wins.

Predictably, the donations will also double-up as prize money, which will be distributed among the every nominee getting a donation, the winner and the Bitfilm organization itself.

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The website explains the split, stating:

  • 40% of all donated Bitcoins per category will go to the winner film of that category.
  • 40% of the donated Bitcoins will stay with the film they were donated to.
  • 20% is our modest share for organizing all this.

To watch and vote for the films, click here.

Voting for the films closes on December 18, 2015.

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