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Beldex Announces Their All New Dynamic Platform

Last Updated April 28, 2023 9:05 AM
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Last Updated April 28, 2023 9:05 AM

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Belex is a multi-purpose blockchain platform , that has recently announced an entirely new variety of services based around a privacy-enabled cryptocurrency. Beldex is starting with transport, not the typical project, and has plans to expand into a wide variety of industries.

The first new service that Beldex  has put on the table is a Taxi Booking Service, this gives the user the ability to autonomously set price rates for different places at different times. Utilizing the power of a decentralized taxi service, the company will trigger a new wave of efficiencies as prices are set by aggregating those offered by customers and approved by the drivers.

This shows the community that there are many use cases for big data and blockchain technology, and how it can reshape a users daily life. Beldex has a mission to create a wide range of services based on the blockchain.

The Beldex team has worked hard to develop a cross functional and “outside the box” platform. This is done by using and utilizing the ecosystem into something more practical.


Superior Privacy

Beldex is pleased to announce their privacy enabled coin , which will service the Beldex network. The features of this coin have been upgraded, showing that it is truly untraceable. Users will be able to choose whether they want spend the token publically or anonymously and has practically limitless use-cases throughout the entire Beldex Industry.

The Beldex Platform

The Beldex ecosystem  holds place for the named taxi service Bel Trips, also giving service to a delivery service named Bel Needs. The platform has also released a Beldex Debit Card allowing coin holders to spend their balances even with merchants far outside the Beldex ecosystem.

Coin Utility and Privacy Technology

The technology behind Beldex Coin is sophisticated and allows the platform for optional sender privacy, protected using what the company calls Hexagonal Ring Xtensive Transactional Signatures. This is where the sender’s public keys forming a keychain are mixed together, this in turn obfuscates the original sender’s address — a product of the Schnorr algorithm via the Ed25519 curve. These transactions are protected by ring confidential transactions, which morph the figures by multiples of random numbers, using Pedersen commitment for this process.

Bel Trips

As the cab industry globally is valued at around USD 44 billion, and has gained more traction from the last 15 years, with CAGR of 8.47%. It is predicted that a decentralized cab service could double these figures in around 5 years.

Bel Needs

Deliveries are common among big cities, but for far reaching parts of the globe it can be an arduous task to have an item turn up at a specific location. This untapped market can be made profitable with the advent of a decentralized platform, one that purely satisfies the barter-style needs of Beldex coin holders.

The Beldex Debit Card

The Beldex vision  is to ensure the coin remains liquid and users are able to spend the coin using the card wherever they are. The presale for the tokens went live on May 10th 2018. Anyone can purchase the coin and become a part of the wider Beldex ecosystem.

Users will be able to hold real value within the Beldex platform  and outside, making it more useful than local fiat currency. Both service providers will be able to hold, save, and spend the coin with peace of mind.

Visit the Website – https://beldex.io/