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beepnow Opens Doors to Investors for Token Sale Pre-Registration

Last Updated April 10, 2023 8:16 AM
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Last Updated April 10, 2023 8:16 AM
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beepnow, the smartphone-based platform connecting job seekers and freelancers directly with employers and service seekers, started its pre-registration phase on August 25, 2018.

Interested investors around the world can submit their registrations until the end of September by visiting beepnow`s registration page .

On the 20th October, a lottery will be drawn to select who will be able to buy beepnow tokens.

The lucky investors will receive further instructions on how to buy the BPN tokens. With regards to price, 1 BPN token will be trading for $0.015 US dollars.

This event strictly follows the company’s roadmap, starting a month after the official release of the MVP iOS version at the beginning of July and the announcement of their strategic partnership with Lancers, the first and the largest crowdsourcing company in Japan.


Furthermore, the company recently welcomed Mr. Satoshi Sekine, Research Associate Professor of Computer Science at New York University, as technical advisor on artificial intelligence development, who will contribute to the realization of beepnow’s talent score concepts.

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Alex Tsai, CEO of beepnow, commented: “We established beepnow systems ltd. in Japan, aiming to provide an effective and intelligent blockchain system to enhance the HR companies and departments in the country. We are excited to welcome the pre-registrations of all interested investors. We have managed to start the transformation of the relationship between freelancers and companies with our MVP release, thanks to all who believed in our mission since the early days of the project.

With the support of the selected investors from the pre-registration phase, we will be able to deliver the complete solution to an important issue in the business world – precise matchmaking between experienced professionals and service-seekers, empowered by a fast and secure payment system.”

The collected funds from the previous stages have been invested in the launch of the Apple app, as well as the current development of the Android version of the platform’s app. beepnow’s team has announced that the Android version is set for release by the end of October.

At its current state, Beepnow’s MVP version  works as a fully functional app, developed as a blockchain-based solution that offers reviews storage and evaluation.

Currently, only Japanese users can register using their phone number, Facebook or line, add details about them and hire or offer services. The platform requires the use of credit and debit cards or bank account.

This first MVP release works only with fiat transactions, yet in the next few months, the company plans to include its in-app token (BPN) and actual tokens wallet. The release of the Beta version and the international version are expected in the early days of 2019 at the latest.

To express your interest in the project and register for the public sale, visit beepnow`s official website .