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Become Satoshi, Shill with Skill: Job Post Seeks Inventor of Bitcoin

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:36 PM
Greg Thomson
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:36 PM

By CCN.com: An online job post seeks a suitable candidate to impersonate anonymous Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

According to an ad on a crypto-based job site, the desired employee must be willing to maintain the ruse indefinitely. They must be willing to post pseudo-intellectual fluff from social media; be vocally government friendly; and must never sign the Bitcoin Genesis block to confirm their identity.

In short, the post appears to be searching for Craig Wright.

Become Satoshi: Shill With Skill & Earn Crypto

The ad appeared on LazyFox.io  – a crypto-based job site where users earn Bitcoin Cash for completing small tasks. The ad, titled “Become Satoshi” lays out a nine-point criteria set which the successful candidate must meet. Unsurprisingly, the skill requirements for pretending to be the inventor of Bitcoin are rather low.

Bitcoin inventor ad
When the bar is this low, anyone can be Satoshi. Even Craig Wright. | Source: LazyFox.io

Assuming you have a Twitter account over a year old – and have never claimed to be the inventor of Bitcoin before – then you might have a chance.

Posting inspirational quotes and decorating your account with pseudo-intellectual fluff shouldn’t be too difficult. Just pop over to the crypto section of Twitter and take inspiration from the thousands doing the same every day.

anthony pompliano tweet
  See, it’s really not that hard. | Source: Twitter

The ad also demands that the impersonator (of the impersonator) must be vocally government-friendly, and remind everyone that Bitcoin is not for crime. That sounds a lot like the current impersonator of Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright. The Australian’s tirades against what he regards as the criminal hi-jacking of “his” Bitcoin invention have only grown more frequent of late.

Wright recently warned that monetary law would override software law when it comes to decentralized coin mixers and exchanges. That was between bouts of calling Bitcoin Cash “B*tCHcoin”.

Satirical Satoshi, Because in Bitcoin We All Need to Laugh

The ad is obviously an attempt at some satirical roleplay, with the intention of highlighting the ridiculousness of the entire Satoshi saga. Yet if the account was created, it would probably be difficult to tell it apart from the current crop of pseudonymous, self-appointed icons on social media.

Regardless, there’s a 12.5 mBCH reward up for grabs for the person with the endurance to see it through. Denoting milli-Bitcoin Cash, that 12.5 mBCH equates to 0.0125 BCH, or roughly $5 at current market prices.