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Barcelona Striker Fiasco Raises Even More Embarrassing Red Flags

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:33 PM
Simon Fletcher
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:33 PM
  • Barcelona wanted a 9 to replace injured Suarez.
  • The Rodrigo/Fernandes fiasco again leaves club looking amateurish and arrogant.
  • Messi signals that any contract extensions will now be done on a yearly basis.

The transfer window closed, and Barcelona failed to bring in a number 9 to replace the injured Luis Suarez.

Transfer windows are difficult. These things do happen, but the problem is that we’re starting to witness a pattern of very odd behavior from FC Barcelona.

Barcelona Embarrassed – Again

The Valverde saga made the club look very bad from the outside, and in this transfer window, history has repeated itself once more.

Days before the window closed, Valencia’s Rodrigo looked like the man to replace Suarez  [Evening Standard].

valencia rodrigo barcelona
Source: Twitter 

The price of more than $60 million was steep, but Rodrigo is a proven La Liga goalscorer who would no doubt have helped the club over the coming months.

If he was a hit, brilliant. If not, they could cut their losses later on and probably not lose too much in the deal.

The Bruno Fernandes Twist

As the Rodrigo transfer looked ready to go through, Barcelona decided to throw a spanner into the works.

The club told Valencia that they only wanted to take their best striker on loan for the rest of the season. In return, they offered Valencia Bruno Fernandes for the same period.

Valencia, understandably, wanted no part of this deal.

Rodrigo was left in limbo, and Fernandes was already a small step from completing his transfer to Manchester United anyway  [AS].

Another pointless mess. Entirely of the club’s own making.

Barcelona Unhinged

As the transfer window closed, Barcelona announced the signing of Francisco Trincao. A player who would not play for them this season anyway.


Trincao is a Portuguese wide player with potential, but do they really need him? Griezman, Ansu Fati, Dembele, and Messi all operate from wide positions too.

These moves have left Barcelona looking like a laughing stock in Spain. Marca found all of this so funny that an opinion piece roasted Barcelona as the equivalent of Spanish football’s Craigslist  [Marca]. The club is simply buying and selling inferior quality players for the sake of it.

Marlon, Mina, Todibo, Wague, Emerson… Trincao?

Something is very off in the planning department of this great club, and there is no way these moves are not going unnoticed by the players.

Lionel Messi Will Only Sign One Year Extensions

Lionel Messi, Barcelona
Barcelona’s luck could go from bad to worse if Messi decides to move on. | Source: Christian Bertrand/Shutterstock.com

Amid all this confusion, Lionel Messi made it known that he is only open to singing one-year contract extensions  [Express].

With Ronaldo enjoying a new lease of life in Serie A with Juventus, is it so far fetched to think that Messi might feel now is the time to move on too?

In the past, it would have been unthinkable to imagine Messi in the Premier League or Serie A. How could the great man play against Barcelona in the Champions League?

With the way things are going at FC Barcelona, it seems Messi might be preparing for this possibility to become a reality.

Barcelona needs to get its house in order – quickly.