ATMChain, an open platform ecosystem that focuses on China’s media advertising industry, has used blockchain technology to directly reward advertising viewers in working to increase viewer engagement.


Based on the blockchain network developed on top of the DECENT protocol, ATMChain recently announced it will support DCT as a method of payment in its ICO, which began Aug. 8, 2017.

ATMChain has already secured some 7,000 intelligent media screens all over Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing in China. China’s advertising market stands at $80 billion and is projected to reach $120 billion in three years.

Helping Advertisers Target Viewers

The company works to help advertisers better locate and reach the target viewer. It has deployed blockchain technology to directly reward the viewer, thereby increasing viewer engagement and obtaining improved metrics.

The system offers access to third-party information like cinema or social networking channels through an API and can extend its reach to offline industries. Users can access more relevant ads and viewing incentives while advertisers can obtain better data and less expensive ads by directly paying host sites.

Blockchain technology enables ATMChain to provide smart contracts, automatic dividend transfers, data queries and other services. It also provides transparency for media analysis and data reporting.

ATMChain streamlines transactions and the exchange of metrics between advertisers and viewers. It distributes and rewards sites that post the advertising content. Viewers are also rewarded for their attention and return of data.

ATMChain allows viewers to get a financial incentive, site providers to get rewards for hosting the ad content, and advertising agents to get better data as well as traditional exposure at a lower cost due to third-party free transactions enabled by the DECENT blockchain.

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A Supportive Blockchain

Matej Michalko, founder and CEO of DECENT, said:

ATMChain’s adoption of our technology is another indicator that DECENT network provides a great foundation for any third party application that might have a good idea, but requires a strong blockchain to get there.

ATMChain will use multiple crypto-tokens to quantify circulation throughout the ecosystem.

Kevin Yan, ATMChain chief architect, added:

DECENT as the underlying protocol is not only the cornerstone for ATMChain, but a robust high-frequency blockchain that gives our product a significant boost in terms of technology support.

DECENT has a market capitalization of $53,313,696, a circulating supply of 51,306,089 DCT and a total supply of 73,197,775 DCT, according to

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