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Artist Captures Bitcoin’s History And Uniqueness

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:49 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:49 PM

Artist Pierre Bourque embodies the spirit of bitcoin, both figuratively and literally. As an artist, he expresses his affinity for bitcoin by creating visual images that people can see, appreciate and purchase if they wish. On a more practical level, he markets his creative works on websites, including bitcoin.com.

Bitcoin Jesus (Roger Ver)
Bitcoin Jesus (Roger Ver)

Bitcoin.com is one of Bourque’s more recent involvements with the bitcoin community. He has been an advocate of the cryptocurrency for a few of years.

He became familiar with bitcoin when his online news site became a sponsor of events such as Inside Bitcoin in New York, Bitcoin Expo in Toronto, and others. He is also on the board of directors of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada.

A ‘Lasting Statement’

“I see this as an opportunity to really build a lasting visual statement and help define what bitcoin is beyond its core elements,” Bourque said of his relationship with bitcoin.com.
“It (bitcoin) is a societal shift unlike any before it, complete with vast cultural implications.”

“That includes not only recognizing our trailblazers through artistic interpretation, but by establishing a trail of significant cultural talismans that will act as historical guide-marks for generations to come,” he told CCN.com.

Bourque sees his role as an artist as one of communicating the unique aspects of bitcoin, which he sees as more than an economic movement.

‘Collectors’ Will Advance Bitcoin

“Somewhere within bitcoin’s collective network of enthusiasts, investors, and supporters lie the collectors who will advance the yardsticks that define the boundaries of who we are, what we are all about, and where we are going by acquiring these pieces and allowing them to take on a life of their own through interaction, exhibition and circulation,” he said.

“So, the gauntlet is thrown down for the world to see and to take notice,” he said. “It will raise awareness, it will enlighten and contextualize, it will situate us in the broader sweep of history. .. as we have seen art do for all major societal advancements since prehistoric man first doodled on cave walls in the brightness of the earliest uses of fire.”

“I am deeply interested in capturing the iconic personalities of the bitcoin era, which I believe is still in its infancy,” he added. “Those I have chosen to date are real trailblazers, and I will continue to add to that portfolio as the mood strikes. Each is deserving of some degree of historical recognition for what they are accomplishing in the bitcoin space.”

Multiple Interests

Besides bitcoin, Bourque’s artistic topics include celebrities, political leaders and landscapes. He claims he follows his muse where it leads him.

He has sold some early works about bitcoin, including some early interpretive works of the logo and two that were commissioned conceptual word pieces.

Bitcoin stamp image
Bitcoin stamps.

He has also designed a Canadian postage stamp featuring bitcoin that he said is available for upload on Canada Post. “I was the first, and I think only person to do this so far,” he said.

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Signature Work: Roger Ver

When asked which of his works he is most proud of, Bourque said it is his depiction of bitcoin evangelist Roger Ver. The 60-by-40-inch work is available on premier.com. The image is printed on 100% cotton acid-free Radiant White Somerset Vintage Velvet 505 g/m fine art paper with archival inks.

“That would be the Voorhees, which at four feet tall shows incredible depth and character,” Bourque said. “It is one of the most striking pieces I have done to date, and I am already jealous of whoever will acquire it and take it away.”

Bourque may be surpassing the Voorhees with his present project. “I am working on a couple of twins who are big in the bitcoin space,” he said. “I’ll let you guess who they may be, but from an artistic point of view, the challenge is to reflect the differences in each individual while maintaining the parallels.”

“The most challenging element of creating art about bitcoin is also its most exciting,” Bourque noted. “So much is happening in the bitcoin world, things are moving so fast, it is in my view of the utmost importance to lay down the trail of historical evolution from the artist’s eye.”

‘It’s Not About The Money’

“Bitcoin was never about the money, I believe, it has always been about the people,” he added. “It is these people who are seeing, believing, and achieving. As a community, these people are making dreams possible. At its essence, perhaps what I am chronicling with my work is .. the art of the possible.”