Crypto Tycoon Roger Ver Quietly Relinquishes CEO Role at Bitcoin.com

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Bitcoin Cash backer and noted cryptocurrency entrepreneur Roger Ver has quietly moved positions within his flagship company, Bitcoin.com. Formerly the CEO of Bitcoin.com – sometimes confused with the CEO of Bitcoin itself by newcomers – Ver is now listed on the site as the executive chairman. CEO to Executive Chairman, Quietly and Apparently Overnight A brief trip to the WayBack Machine reveals...

Bitcoin Cash Maximalist Joins 'Blockchain-Agnostic' Crypto Wallet Project

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Although Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver left the Bitcoin community to help establish Bitcoin Cash, he still considers himself a Bitcoin maximalist. His preferred vision of Bitcoin has larger blocks and smaller fees, all to ensure that the cryptocurrency becomes one thing: electronic cash. #BitcoinCash is still very attractive to the libertarian viewpoint.#Bitcoin BTC was overrun by a bunch of...

Kraken, Bitmain Seek Dismissal in Bitcoin Cash-Fueled UnitedCorp Case

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By CCN: Both Kraken and Bitmain have asked a federal court in Florida to dismiss a lawsuit against them brought by UnitedCorp, the news of which CCN broke back in December. The UnitedCorp lawsuit, broadly speaking, accuses Bitmain, Kraken, and others in concert with Roger Ver of conspiring to manipulate the Bitcoin Cash price and deviate from network consensus by “winning” the hash war. Were...

Roger Ver Now 'Pretty Damn Skeptical' of Craig Wright Being Satoshi

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A new video released by Bitcoin.com puts their CEO Roger Ver firmly in the camp of people who do not believe that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. Ver appeared in the video with lawyer Daniel Kelman to discuss the goings-on of Bitcoin Cash following the hard fork that took place last Friday. Several shots were fired at the Bitcoin SV camp, the first of which was related to the “stability” of the...

Bitcoin.com Mining Pool Directs All Hash to Bitcoin Cash ABC


Roger Ver’s Bitcoin.com mining pool users are mining Bitcoin Cash ABC in support of the ongoing contentious hard fork, and if they don’t like that, they’ll have to move to a different mining pool, according to an announcement posted on the dashboard of the Bitcoin.com mining interface. Bitcoin.com mining allows users to connect their own mining hardware or to purchase hashrate from the company...

Why Bitcoin Cash Was Never Going to Lose the Hash War With SV

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The cryptocurrency community expected a tight hash power battle between Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Cash (SV) on November 15. But, with a decisive win and an anti-climactic result, BCH came out the winner. Bitcoin.com, a company owned by Roger Ver, saw its hash rate spike to 4 exahash, easily surpassing the entire computing power on the Bitcoin Cash network prior to the hard fork. With ViaBTC...

Roger Ver: ‘Maybe I’ve Been Fooled’ by Craig Wright

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Early cryptocurrency adopter and outspoken Bitcoin Cash evangelist Roger Ver said that he is having second thoughts about his former alliance with self-described Bitcoin creator Craig Wright. Ver, the owner of crypto wallet service and bitcoin cash mining pool Bitcoin.com, stated in a newly-uploaded YouTube video that Wright -- whose firm, nChain, is the developer of BCH software implementation...

Bitcoin Cash Price Jumps 10% after Binance, Bitcoin.com Reveal Hard Fork Plans

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The bitcoin cash price awoke from its slump on Friday, mounting a double-digit percentage rally during the early evening hours after two major cryptocurrency firms revealed their plans for the BCH hard fork that is scheduled to take place in less than two weeks. Bitcoin Cash Posts Double-Digit Rally Like most of the large-cap crypto market, bitcoin cash had been in recent weeks been...

Bitcoin Cash Evangelist Roger Ver May Launch a Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Bitcoin cash evangelist and Bitcoin.com owner Roger Ver is considering launching a cryptocurrency exchange that would use BCH as its base currency. The controversial bitcoin cash promoter, once known as “Bitcoin Jesus” for his early support for the cryptocurrency in the years before last year’s BTC/BCH divorce, told Bloomberg that, if his company wanted to, it could build an exchange “really...

Commercial Use of Bitcoin Cash Payments has Dropped: Analytics Firm

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Cryptocurrency advocate Roger Ver, often referred to as Bitcoin Jesus is having a tough time with the adoption of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). In a report published on Bloomberg, blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis says the Bitcoin fork is barely being used in commerce. Bitcoin Cash was forked from Bitcoin over a year ago. At the time, Ver had converted his holdings into Bitcoin Cash, telling everyone...

Second-Largest Bitcoin Cash Mining Pool Agrees to Process Zero-Fee Transactions

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Two more bitcoin cash mining pools have announced they will support the “Miner’s Choice” initiative, which urges miners to remove the dust limit and begin processing a set number of zero-fee transactions. CoinGeek -- which along with nChain devised the plan -- on Thursday announced that mining pools ViaBTC and Bitcoin.com have agreed to join the initiative. CCN has been unable to independently...

‘Enough Already’: Billionaire Mike Novogratz Says ‘Bitcoin Core is BTC’

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“Enough already.” That’s the message that billionaire Mike Novogratz had for the @Bitcoin Twitter account, whose operator has lately hopped on the “Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin” bandwagon. Responding to a post that claimed Bitcoin Cash is the “oldest cryptocurrency” and that BTC is “an experimental currency” that is essentially two years old, Novogratz shot back that “Bitcoin core is BTC.” He wrote:...

Bitcoin.com's Mobile Bitcoin Wallet Now Defaults to Bitcoin Cash

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Bitcoin.com's mobile bitcoin wallet now automatically defaults to bitcoin cash, in what appears to be the latest play in Roger Ver's "Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin" campaign. Bitcoin.com's Mobile Bitcoin Wallet Defaults to Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin.com -- an unofficial bitcoin news and information site owned and operated by Roger Ver -- released an update to its mobile wallet on Monday. Included in this...

‘Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin,’ Roger Ver and Calvin Ayre Declare

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Bitcoin cash proponents Roger Ver and Calvin Ayre have announced a plan to use their influence and considerable wealth to rebrand bitcoin cash as “bitcoin”. Ver, an early bitcoin investor once nicknamed “Bitcoin Jesus”, has incurred the ire of much of the bitcoin community over the past several years, primarily due to his repeated support for contentious hard forks associated with the evolving...

Bitcoin Development Grant Allocates $1.2 Million For Protocol Development, Establishes ‘No Official’ Bitcoin


Bitcoin.com, Bitmain Technologies and several bitcoin companies have announced a $1.2 million Bitcoin Development Grant for bitcoin protocol development. There is to be no "official" bitcoin. The statement announcing the grant acknowledged there has been a “deep rift” that has distracted the bitcoin community. The grant is to support teams working on bitcoin protocol, foster the greater diversity...

Artist Captures Bitcoin’s History And Uniqueness

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Artist Pierre Bourque embodies the spirit of bitcoin, both figuratively and literally. As an artist, he expresses his affinity for bitcoin by creating visual images that people can see, appreciate and purchase if they wish. On a more practical level, he markets his creative works on websites, including bitcoin.com. Bitcoin.com is one of Bourque’s more recent involvements with the bitcoin...

Bitcoin.com Management Passes from Blockchain.info to OKCoin


International Bitcoin exchange OKCoin today announced that it has taken over stewardship of Bitcoin.com. The eponymous Bitcoin website is owned by an anonymous individual who has chosen several different Bitcoin companies to manage the site over the last couple years. Control of Bitcoin.com has passed from TradeHill to Blockchain.info and now to OKCoin. No party involved has clarified whether or...

Bitcoin.com gets a revamp by Blockchain.info


[dropcap size=small]O[/dropcap]n 4/15/14. Blockchain.info's Nic Cary took to Twitter to tease the Bitcoin populace with an upcoming announcement... Many were reminded of the last time Cary promised an announcement; the announcement fell short of many's expectations.  This time around expectations were met and exceeded, Cary truly has presented a crowdpleaser. [divider]CCN[/divider] Blockchain...