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ARK Partners with HackPrinceton 2018

Last Updated May 16, 2023 6:25 AM
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Last Updated May 16, 2023 6:25 AM

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The ARK team  have announced their official sponsorship and attendance at the HackPrinceton 2018 event, that runs from March 30th, 2018 to April 1st, 2018. Princeton University, recognizing the novel commercial nature of the ARK project, has made the platform part of the challenge.

The Event

The bi-annual HackPrinceton event , now in its 18th season, is a proving ground for hundreds of student programmers, developers, and entrepreneurs from colleges and universities across the US. The famous thirty-six hour-long competition sees students in teams of four working to create functioning software or hardware projects.

Looking to create an inclusive atmosphere, the event organizers encourage everyone to participate in HackPrinceton from those that are new to coding/design/hardware to the seasoned hacker. The only demands are a passion for learning, a willingness to connect and work with people of different backgrounds, and a desire to benefit the world with technology. By creating such an environment, stakeholders hope to maximize participation and therefore the likelihood of un-earthing ground-breaking solutions or rare talent.

ARK at HackPrinceton

Finding new solutions or demonstrating talent are just the reasons this showcase event is a unique opportunity for both ARKand event competitors. ARK will be looking forward to seeing just what the technology is capable of in the hands of a generation who will be pioneering the future of blockchain. ARK will be sending a strong team to the event with a mix of crew and community supporters and developers, all keen to see show off the ARK technology.  For the participants and the event provides a great opportunity to test their skills among their peers and hopefully impress potential employers, including ARK. For the technology world, the excitement lies in the combination of the latest technology in the hands of the best new talent.


About ARK

On the technology side, the ARK platform  enables a wide variety of users, ranging from student developers to large organizations, to build and access a blockchain network. The platform brings traditional principal features that are found on other blockchain systems and networks together, into one entire ecosystem of linked chains.

At the start of the year, ARK released the ARK Deployer script, opening up the doors to everyone wishing to discover and master the technology so that they can eventually launch their very own blockchain. ARK intends this custom builds, operating on ARK technology, will be up and running within minutes. The script allows users to put the ARK blockchain to the test and see the virtual web of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin blockchain applications connecting via SmartBridge technology, meaning that ARK can apply features like smart contract technology openly across different chains.

Ark BridgeChain  

ARK has also announced their BridgeChaintechnology. This technology allows users to run Ubuntu VM in Azure, integrate Azure PublicIP and Firewall configurations as a pre-built element. They will also be able to control their own BridgeChain node and ARK Explorer. This will result in a wait time of less than 20

minutes and offers continuing benefits afforded by a reusable and bespoke deployment script.

ARK Official Websitehttps://ark.io/.