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Arbolet – a New, Superior Internet Announces English Localisation

Last Updated April 12, 2023 5:52 AM
Press Release
Last Updated April 12, 2023 5:52 AM
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Bitcoin Press Release: Nowadays, only a few people can imagine life without the internet. In this global network, we are buying, investing money, looking for fun and looking for friends. The Internet should be the foundation of freedom, but in recent years its censorship has intensified, and the privacy of Internet users has been seriously undermined. Arbolet is the new solution.

December 12th, 2018, Prague, Czech Republic – Arbolet can be described as a small internal internet on the Internet. It is an international platform originating in the Czech Republic that combines all the benefits of the Internet. Users can shop here, watch movies, make money, communicate with people or invest in cryptocurrencies. Arbolet is currently the only such project and has recently celebrated its three-year anniversary, coupled with the launch of English localization. This is truly a unique, extensive environment with an “internal” internet without censorship and restrictions.

The Platform

It is not just a bitcoin wallet. Users are given the opportunity to appreciate funds up to 21% per annum or fix the funds to the selected fiat currency, thereby avoiding possible losses when the Bitcoin price drops. The project’s founders are trying to show that banks are no longer needed. Arbolet’s earnings mainly come from investing bitcoin funds into exciting projects.  Arbolet consists of many components , such as:

  • the Bitcoin wallet as mentioned earlier
  • personal payment gateway for e-shops and users
  • crypto news, Bitcoin mixer, games, and quizzes

One curiosity – the entire platform is tailored to ensure accessibility for all for specifically those with visual difficulties.  What‘s more, new users get a handle on things quickly with Arbolet’s simple learning system. Interestingly, Arbolet rewards the most active members of the community. The more a user participate in the projects, the bigger their earnings. 

The most significant advantage of using Arbolet is the security of funds and the guaranteed privacy of its users. As stated by the founders of Arbolet, their goal is to create an alternative world without banks and state control. Arbolet is a future where people pay for goods and services using cryptocurrencies.


From Users for Users

Arbolet keeps the original idea of the internet as a P2P network (Peer-to-Peer), whereby computers are connected and communicate directly with each other without the existence of a central server. This scheme makes it possible for all nodes – users to be equal. Everyone can create and profit from what they have produced. Arbolet incentivizes users to co-create projects organized in their network and get real benefits. One of Arbolet’s projects is a P2P multimedia platform .

This website is the place that connects all multimedia information in a user-friendly way. Are you looking for another episode of your favorite series? Do you not know where to get the movie subtitles? The multimedia database provides you with secure download links. Forget about paid services. Users can make money by adding content to the P2P media platform.

One of the other goals of Arbolet’s founders is to create a global project for investment in crypto domains.  Algorithms developed by Arbolet developers allow investors to estimate the value and popularity of free domains.

Financial Instrument

Arbolet.net is a community portal focused on the topic of cryptocurrencies and also a financial investment tool that provides FIAT / BTC wallets. Its goal is to educate and integrate people who are interested in cryptocurrencies and want to make money through them. In three years,

Arbolet has gained enormous popularity, and today it has more than 25,000 users mostly from the Czech Republic. There is also a team of programmers in Arboret who ensure the security and functionality of the entire system. Protecting users’ privacy as one of the central pillars of the whole project means that a user does not need to provide any personal or bank credentials to use Arbolet.

Visit the Official Site – https://arbolet.net 
Chat on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/Arbolet-Global-185977975632797/ 
Connect Telegram: https://t.me/Arbolet_Official 

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