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AppCoins Announces a Partnership with Unity, the In-App Crypto Payments Standard to Bring In-App Purchases to Half of All Games

Last Updated April 10, 2023 8:11 AM
Last Updated April 10, 2023 8:11 AM

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Appcoins, a crypto standard that is starting to be adopted by Android top App Stores, recently partnered  with Unity, the company developing the game engine of the same name that runs more than half of all games.

The potential for disintermediation of blockchain technology is among the reasons it is acclaimed to be a revolutionary innovation by many. That being said, without implementation, all those claims are little more than empty promises and hype.

Fortunately, news about the adoption and implementation of this new technology is not lacking either. AppCoins , a crypto in-app payments open standard just added more news of this kind to the community.

The aforementioned cryptocurrency startup has recently announced it partnership with Unity , the company behind the game engine that, reportedly  runs 50% of all the games.


The CEO of Unity, John Riccitiello has illustrated the market share of its game engine to TechCrunch:

“It’s pretty much half of all games period. We have different market shares, depending on the platform. But more than half of all mobile games are built in Unity. More than 60 to 70 percent — depending on the platform — of everything built for machines for virtual reality or augmented reality or any of the XR platforms are built in Unity, and then, about a little over half of all the games built for Nintendo’s platforms are built in Unity, a little bit less than that for Xbox and Sony”.

This collaboration brings the developers the possibility of integrating their unity projects with the AppCoins protocol with a single click thru the new Unity SDK.

A platform that already grew 590% in one month

According to the AppCoins explorer , the platform already increased 590% from September to October reaching a new record of 1253 purchases in a single month.

Its purpose is disintermediating the app economy to empower the developers and let them keep a higher percentage of their earnings. The middlemen that “takes a cut” of the developer’s earnings are app stores, publishers and advertisers.

The platform promises  at least 81 percent of royalties to the developers who choose AppCoins for in-app purchases. For comparison, Google’s Play store lets developers keep 70 percent of their revenue.

To bring this new system to the developers, AppCoins has also partnered with Aptoide , CherryMobile, and Multilaser to let the developers use the SDK on those app stores. This brings to attention another one of the advantages of the protocol which is that the platform lets developers integrate into multiple app stores with just one SDK.

Aptoide alone, which is an Android app store alternative to Google Play,  according to Wikipedia , reached more than 200 million users in 2017, with 6 billion accumulated downloads.

What’s more, the developers receive the money in real time while the tokens flow through the smart contract system deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. The smart contracts automatically apply the revenue share between the app store and the developers while sending the payments.

Appcoin’s future goals, according to their roadmap, are to integrate user incentives, new fiat-based payment methods and second layer scaling solutions. All of this is planned to happen by the second quarter of 2019.