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American Crypto Anarchist who Fled the U.S. Shot, Killed in Mexico’s Murder Capital

Last Updated October 4, 2020 6:07 PM
Jimmy Aki
Last Updated October 4, 2020 6:07 PM

According to a report  by Mercury News, an American crypto-anarchist who went by the name “John Galton” was shot to his death earlier this week at his home in Acapulco, Mexico.

A woman named Lily Forester, who identified herself as Galton’s partner, stated in a social media post that she saw as the gunmen aim for the heads of Galton and a friend, whose name was given as Jason Henza. Lily claimed that after the shooting, Henza was able to make it to a local hospital, with gunshot wounds to his armpit, hand, and leg. Galton, was not so lucky.

Henza and Lily made social media posts describing the horrific event of her partner lost his life. In her post, Lily said:

“I really need help! Somebody, please come.”

Henza, on the other hand, was recorded in a blood-stained T-shirt saying:

“We were attacked. I’ve been shot three times. I’m not doing so good.”

Cartel Attack?

John and Lily fled the United States back in 2016 due to charges of drug use. According to Galton, they both faced 25-year prison sentences for manufacturing a controlled substance at that time. Galton’s anarchist nature could be one of the reasons why he chose to take up residence in Acapulco, a community known to be violent with a high homicide rate.

Pictured: John Galton, right. Screengrab from YouTube

However, Galton’s death has been attributed to an attack by the local cartel who saw him as competition for the drug trade in the neighborhood. Local authorities also found glass pipes, marijuana plants, and drug-processing equipment while searching his apartment for clues.

Activities in Mexico

Galton was the host of an event known as “Anarchaforko,” a “hard fork” of the popular Anarchapulco conference. Described as a “decentralized program,” Anarchaforko allowed attendees to create their individual experiences without the need of a central planning committee.

The event was particularly upsetting to the locals of the anti-establishment community that organizes events all across Acapulco. Some of the activities include seminars on freedom-related topics, as well as tips to earn passive income using cryptocurrencies. Prior to Galton’s death, the couple were the host of a weekly “Meat Ups,” a gathering where self-professed carnivores met to consume only meat.

Mexico is Crypto-Friendly

The cryptocurrency space in Mexico is seen to be one of the most structured in the world, bolstered by the introduction of FinTech laws by the Mexican government in September 2018. In part, the legislation  directed that companies looking to make use of digital assets for conducting transactions are obligated to “must request authorization from the Bank of Mexico so that they can use those technologies associated with any of the virtual assets” approved by the bank.

Mexico isn’t new to the death of drug users. Last year, Matthew Mellon, an American billionaire, died at a rehab  center in Cancun. Before his death, Mellon was the chairman of the finance committee of New York’s Republican Party. He was also one of the first backers of Ripple’s XRP.