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Amagi Metals Reopens For Business Under New Ownership

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:45 PM
Justin OConnell
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:45 PM
Amagi Metals
  Amagi Metals

Bitcoin accepting precious metals companies have received much attention within the retail precious metals industry over the past few years. This week, some changes have taken place.

Amagi Metals has relaunched after some time offline due to internal issues. Under new management, Amagi Metals is hoping to win the trust of the precious metals retail scene, even if it is slowly.

Amagi Metals relaunched under the management of Anthem Vault. As a representative posted to Reddit:


Hello r/silverbugs

I want to introduce the new Amagi Metals brand that is being released under the ownership of Anthem Vault – a precious metals storage company and financial tech leader with a great reputation.

We understand that customer service, awesome deals, and reputation is highly regarded in this community. We don’t expect you to flock quickly to the new Amagi Metals, as we understand that previous ownership has left some users with bad experiences fresh in the mind. We will be here though, with an expanded customer service staff, a Bitcoin payment option, and quality bullion at great prices.

We’d like to offer free shipping and a free copper round in every Silverbugs’ order from now until Saturday, with more deals to come. Code: REDDIT10 (you’ll see the free ship option at the end of checkout)

We are standing by to answer questions on the new ownership. We understand there has been a lot of confusion and we would like to help in any way we can. If you have an order that has not been fulfilled from Amagi Metals – we would like to help you with that as well.

Thanks for your time, Anthem Vault Team

On why Anthem Vault kept the brand:

“Contrary to this very great point, Amagi still has a great reputation in many places of the Bitcoin world. It has a great presence online and a boisterous data base of leads and infastructure: logos, videos, etc.”

As for whether or not Amagi will stop accepting US Dollars, as they announced late 2014, the answer is no:

As of right now we have not adopted this goal as a company. As an individual I hope we can make it happen, but realistically it may not happen.

Former Amagi Metals CEO Stephen Macaskill is no longer a part of AMagi Metals. Anthem Blanchard is now the CEO.

“Our goal is to provide the precious metals community with a trusted way to accumulate gold and silver,” said Anthem Blanchard, founder and CEO of Anthem Vault. “When customers find their gold and silver stacks too precious to be held in their own home, we can take on the storage and security at Anthem Vault. Amagi Metals ships quality silver and gold straight to the customer. These may include special years of Gold Eagles and Morgan Dollars as well as popular silver bullion; There is something for everyone.”

Images from Shutterstock and Amagi Metals.