Alternet Creates a B2B Global Bitcoin Payment Solution

Alternet Systems has announced that its subsidiary Alternet Payment Solutions (APS) launched its worldwide Bitcoin payment processing business. They accomplished this through a strategic channel partner agreement with BitPay.

APS has entered into a non-exclusive agreement to sell and support the BitPay platform into Alternet’s customer base. With Alternet’s experience in the mobile and disruptive payments technology industry, they will focus on providing Bitcoin payment methods for business to business purposes. This includes converting local currency to Bitcoin and/or Bitcoin to USD in the Americas, Caribbean, and Asia-Pacific. Alternet Systems CEO Henryk Dabrowski commented as follows:

Alternet is providing the next generation digital currency and payment ecosystem focused on three distinct segments of the marketplace which includes comprehensive currency processing, identification and transmission. Our strategic agreement with BitPay will allow us to initiate our sales process with several potential clients in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region. We believe that our backlog of opportunities will continue to grow globally, and we will generate our first revenues from this business in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Facial and Voice Recognition

Alternet’s involvement and belief in digital currencies is demonstrated by their subsidiary OneMarket, a company created specifically to offer a broad range of digital currency services, from issuing, authentication, validation and security, to multi-currency exchange. In June 2014, Alternet announced the signing of a joint venture with BIOMETRY. By doing so, they can incorporate a facial and voice recognition ID system in their payment platforms. The latest edition of Bitcoin2014 showed that multiple companies are interested in such developments. Safety is still a tricky part of the Bitcoin experience and facilitating this is one of the top priorities. It seems we are well on our way to take this hurdle and bring Bitcoin even closer to what we like to call “mainstream.”

Dabrowski continued,

With Alternet’s experience in disruptive payment technologies and a network that spans many countries that contain leading mobile operators, financial service providers and banks; we believe APS will rapidly deploy BitPay’s solutions in these markets. This will also broaden our global service offering related to facilitating transactions beyond utilizing Ven. We now have a reliable and secure partner to fulfill transactions with Bitcoin. Together, we will enable customers the ability to fulfill digital currency transactions online and through mobile devices.

Ven is a global digital currency traded in international financial markets and originally used by members of a social network service, Hub Culture, to buy, share, and trade knowledge, goods, and services. With the BitPay partnership, Alternet is now able to offer a Bitcoin payment option to its customers as well. This shows that companies are demanding to use Bitcoin, which is a great sign. Getting Bitcoin into the B2B world is another major step.

Rapid Growth

At the BitPay side, Executive Chairman Tony Gallippi said the following about this deal:

Digital currency adoption and user demand for alternative payment methods continue to grow rapidly. We believe in the vision and successful past experience of introducing disruptive payment technologies that Alternet Systems possess, and look forward to working together to expand our global reach.

This partnership is exciting, to say the least. But what should interest the Bitcoin community is the future developments regarding Alternet’s digital currency payment options. How will this develop over time? The joint venture with BIOMETRY brings forth a lot of opportunities that could revolutionize Bitcoin. Several companies are already working hard to make Bitcoin as easy to use as any other currency. Everyone is waiting for a new development that puts Bitcoin into orbit again. It’s impossible to predict when this will happen, but we’re getting closer every day.

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