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AllCrypt.com Bitcoin Exchange Goes Down

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:43 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:43 PM

The AllCrypt.com bitcoin exchange has gone down, and 42 bitcoins is reported missing. The Allcrypt.com site has a note posted saying “Allcrypt.com is down for a bit.” Attempts are being made to resurrect the site, and details will be posted as they become available.

“I’m not even sure there is anything to bring back up,” the note says.

The message on the site has been updated once since Monday morning. Earlier in the day, it noted that due to “some apparent exploit in WordPress,” someone, somehow, got into the server, installed some files, and managed to empty the bitcoin wallet. Whoever got into the site slammed it with withdraw requests.

Allcrypt.com had 42 BTC in the wallet; 12 was the site’s, 30 was users’ BTC, the note states.

Warnings given

A Facebook message dated March 9 noted that the site was not working.

A Reddit posting submitted one day ago said Allcrypt was going down at the end of March. A posting three days earlier said it was shutting down for awhile.

According to the cryptocoincharts.info listing of bitcoin exchanges, AllCrypt had 39.14 BTC in trading volume, making it a low volume exchange.

Support site not removed

The Allcrypt.com support site, allcrypt.zendesk.com, had not been removed at the time of this report. A page on the support site says users can earn coins from referrals. “When others sign up using that link, you earn a portion of all their trade fees!” the support site states. The link to the user’s account page takes the user back to the dead site.

An Allcrypt posting on reddit.com a year ago claimed the exchange valued privacy, security and transparency. It claimed to be the only exchange to sign all of its emails with its public bitcoin address to make emails phish-proof. “We’re working with other organizations to develop proof of solvency while protecting our users privacy,” the posting stated.