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ADZBuzz Crypto Platforms Is Announcing Airdrop Campaign and the Opportunity to Earn Tokens Daily

Last Updated April 24, 2023 6:58 AM
Guest Writer
Last Updated April 24, 2023 6:58 AM

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Media platforms like Reddit, Steemit and Feedly are immensely popular within the online community and are used for a variety of online conversations and making things go viral outside of social media. But, following multiple media outlets is cumbersome for many and thus a universal solution that makes content available from other sites is the need of the hour for users.

ADZBuzz is a Blockchain-based platform that chooses and organizes content from users’ favorite media platforms and websites  and enables them to browse through the platforms under one roof.

The ADZbuzz promises daily rewards to users for their activity and is also undergoing an airdrop campaign to appeal to the larger crypto community. In addition to this ADZBuzz social content platform, the ADZBuzz Exchange is also another project  of the parent team that allows content writers and traders to earn profits using various different methods. This will allow adoption of cryptocurrencies in the mainstream content market thus increasing application of the decentralized currencies in general.

How to Earn Free ADZBuzz Tokens?

Every user on the ADZBuzz platform is eligible to earn 100 free ACTs (ADZBuzz native token) every day. The token is available for trading on the ADZBuzz exchange and can be traded for ETH or BTC.


Users can claim tokens easily and the platform itself is 100% free to use. To earn the tokens, follow these simple steps:

The platform is built on Ethereum and promises daily airdrops like these numbering 100 ACT tokens for all users just by logging into the platform. The profits earned by the communities you have joined will be distributed among ACT coin holders and one can earn profit just by holding on to these tokens.

ADZBuzz Exchange Bonuses

As mentioned earlier, ADBuzz also has its own exchange service the — ADBuzz Exchange. The ADBuzz exchange platform is offering unique discounts on the exchange that gives a trader the ability to get 100% free exchange capability in their bonus wallet. There is also a 50% discount when users’ referrals make trades. This bonus scheme is in terms of USD at the latest exchange rate of the coin a trader is trading in.

Overall ADZBuzz aims to capitalize the interest of users through their innovative content sharing platform and useful exchange. Users can join now to earn free tokens for just logging in to the platform.

Visit the Website: https://adzbuzz.com/z/welcome/.