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Adam Draper’s Boost VC Focuses On Bitcoin – Will Fund 20-30 New Bitcoin Companies

Caleb Chen
Last Updated April 27, 2023 8:20 AM

bitcoin blockchainBoost VC, a technology startup accelerator program that accepts startups in groups called “tribes” has announced that it will be going 100% Bitcoin for the foreseeable future. In March, Adam Draper first stated his intention to help 100 Bitcoin companies through Boost VC in the next three years. Now, Boost VC  CEO Adam Draper has publicized his decision to refocus Boost VC solely towards the Bitcoin ecosystem, at least for the next few years.

Draper hinted that Boost VC may still expand to non-Bitcoin ventures as long as they are similarly bleeding edge. Boost VC has previously helped notable Bitcoin companies such as Coinbase as well as many other Bitcoin services around the world such as BitWall, BitPagos, and Vaurum (which has recently rebranded to Mirror).

Boost VC Focuses On Bitcoin

Draper wrote on Medium :

We are going full Bitcoin! Our team is excited to announce, after raising $6.6m to fund 200 companies, that we will be accepting 20–30 Bitcoin companies into our next Boost tribe. Tribe 5 will consist of 100% Bitcoin companies. Under this umbrella we will be looking at payments, exchanges, block chain technology, Sidechains, and companies that service Bitcoin companies. We are very excited about the focus that this will bring us. Long term we hope to be able to breach other “before-the-chasm” industries, but Bitcoin is our first exciting step.

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