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ABDT Jumps on the Tron Train

Last Updated April 28, 2023 5:48 AM
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Last Updated April 28, 2023 5:48 AM
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Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens are now available on Tron.  Starting on the 6th of July, people that are already active on Tron’s new mainnet will be able to exchange TRX for ABDT. The process will be simple. Once on the mainnet, users must go to Tokens, then click on Participate. Find the Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens pane and enter how many TRX they want to exchange for ABDT.

During this introduction phase on Tron, the ABDT price will be fixed at 2.8 TRX per ABDT for the duration of one month.  Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens’ total supply will still remain at 400 million. For cross-platform transactions (Tron / Stellar) it was necessary to create all 400 million tokens on Tron’s mainnet, of which 300 million have been frozen for 30 days. After this initial month, there will be an accountability system in placed where investors will be able to always verify that the total circulation, on both networks, does not exceed 400 million.

The ABDT community, which is 70,000 strong, is very excited to be able to navigate on two of the most prominent platforms available in the crypto world. It does not only mean more options, but also another level of security for the token holders.

Unlike many other crypto projects, Tron understands that value of publicity, this is the reason why their marketing arm is reaching all the right places, an activity that will surely benefit Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens and any other project that decides to make Tron’s mainnet their home.

For more information on Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens, please visit www.atlantisblue.org .


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