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ABBC Listing in Two More Major Exchanges and Giving Away ABBC Cash to Coin Holders

Last Updated April 12, 2023 7:01 AM
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Last Updated April 12, 2023 7:01 AM
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Listing in nine exchanges at the same time is not a simple task. It requires completing tedious and extensive requirements differing per exchange. Because of such, we’ve seen major projects get rejected or get delisted even after positive results during their ICO stage. But the tides are different for the coin project called ABBC. The project experienced overwhelming success in the ICO stage. They also listed their coin in nine major exchanges on the same day. With a little bit of time later, Bit-Z which is an exchanged ranked among the top exchanges in the world was added to their list of exchanges where people can trade with ABBC. With this, trading is now available in ten (10) internationally-renowned and top exchanges in the cryptocurrency industry—you can visit their website www.abbcfoundation.com  to see a complete list of their partner exchanges. This is a huge milestone, but it’s just the beginning in ABBC’s journey. The project also has a lot of new announcements including listing in more major exchanges, being accepted as payment methods in shopping malls and a new coin called ABBC Cash(ABBCH).

As the company announced in their social media post, ABBC is going to be listed on Exrates, a major exchange that is ranked high among major exchanges in Coinmarketcap. Also, if you visit ABBC Foundation’s website, you can see that Dobi Trade is already listed in Alibabacoin Foundation’s partners. This can only mean that they are getting listed on that exchange soon. With this, ABBC is listing in a new exchange almost every two weeks.

The coin getting listed in multiple exchanges has a lot of benefits. One of the prime benefits for listing in multiple exchanges is that it helps increase liquidity. This is a very good benefit for coin holders. Similar to stocks, when coins get listed in multiple exchanges, investors are able to have more choices on where to sell and buy from different markets. It helps them to enjoy more liquidity as well as wide choice in the market. This enables investors to trade with more market security.

Another added benefit for ABBC coin holders manifested when the company recently announced that they have a goal for ABBC to be accepted as a payment method in major online shopping malls. This is another major milestone once the team is able to make it happen. It is another good reason why investors should hold the coins for the positive future trajectory that is very promising.

Among the many announcements of ABBCFoundation, one that caught the attention of users is their announcement of having an Airdrop of a new coin called ABBC Cash (ABBCH). This is a way for ABBC Foundation to thank people who are buying and holding ABBC. They will give an equivalent of 100 ABBC Cash (ABBCH) for every 1 ABBC that an individual is holding. The amount of ABBC Cash (ABBCH) that people will get will be based on a snapshot of their Hybrid Wallet and MC Wallet balance which will be taken on November 11, 2018. ABBC Cash (ABBCH) will be distributed before the coin gets listed on exchanges. Regarding which exchanges will list ABBC Cash(ABBCH), it will be on the same exchanges that ABBC is listed and it will be done within December 30, 2018 – January 15, 2019. They also noted that it will depend on the market conditions.


ABBC Foundation CEO Jason Daniel Paul Philip encourages their users to stay tuned and keep themselves updated by following ABBC Foundation’s social media announcements and get ready for the next events that ABBC Foundation team are preparing in order to achieve all their goals to bring only the best to their users.