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A-Nex Poised to Announce ICO Featuring Unhackable Cryptocurrency Technology for Internet Security

Last Updated April 12, 2023 6:54 AM
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Last Updated April 12, 2023 6:54 AM
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  • Cyber Advanced Technology, the technology provider for A-Nex, has developed an innovative crypto-trade platform that plans to take the crypto-industry to a new level of security and profitability.
  • A-Nex will be powered by the Operational Technology-Operation Centric Networks, an internet technology created by CAT.

Berkeley, California.- A-Nex, a cyber coin company, is preparing for an ICO announcement on November 15, 2018. This innovative crypto enterprise is designed for the sale and exchange of virtual currencies, smart contracts and tokens.  It promises to revolutionize the decentralized financial landscape.

The company providing its technology, Cyber Advanced Technology (CAT), is one of the leaders of the digital scene.  They have invented an unhackable cloud technology that will keep the crypto business secure and well-protected.

The key substance of the unhackable cloud technology lies in the introduction of the  Operational Technology-Operation Centric Networks (OT-OCN).  This eliminates all the flaws and deficiencies of the current Internet into blockchain standards which is inalterable, decentralized and trackable by the users involved in the transactions.

A-Nex is a victory for the crypto-enthusiast community and future investors since the platform responds to the needs of the modern market that craves for decentralized solutions.

About Network Security

The digitalization of the economy brought unprecedented problems to society such as cyber-crime. This has spread to every area within the Web from social networks such as Facebook and Linkedin, to e-commerce platforms such as eBay or Amazon and to mobile phone companies such as Apple. Traditional financial institutions like banking platforms have suffered as well.  Even state policies have been created exclusively designed to deal with hackers and the data market that benefits from the blind spots of the online ecosystems.


In the same way, the translation of the traditional economic systems into the digital sphere not only created a list of benefits for societies at a global level, but it also entailed many, new obstacles as well. Since there was no backup of a physical and verifiable asset of the fiduciary currency in the same way as was commonly done, the difficulties regarding payments bring out the skepticism towards the virtual businesses.

As a response, since 2008, the increase in popularity regarding the blockchain and the representation of funds in liquid tokens (crypto-currencies)  meant a significant improvement in this situation, as it is an alternative to centralized financial methods; instead, it was now the users who had control.

The distributed protocols of public ledger distribute and support the transaction data in nodes scattered over the network. More recently, the smart contract technology brought by Ethereum made possible that financial conditions and business deals between parts can be digitally settled and automatically executed. However, this systems continued to run on an imperfect architecture, so part of the investment capital and experts have questioned whether the blockchain represents a viable alternative or not. It was necessary for the introduction of an on-chain tool that provided its users with robust safety guarantees.

An Inside Look Into CAT’S Solution

With more than 15 years of research  and work behind it, OT-OCN surfaces as the first intelligent and undecipherable cloud software framework that provides a superior level of network stability. The infrastructure handles more than 1 million packet inspections per second and analyses more than 2,000 rules while disabling malicious attacks in real time, without disrupting the user’s operations.

After its success in South Korea, CAT has become an important benchmark for the blockchain industry, and more specifically, crypto finances. Now it will be possible for this side of the market to move towards a high profitability business strategy that integrates the ultimate experience in Internet security.

Professor Park of Korea Poly Tech University, a cybersecurity expert in Korea believes that “Bruce Khavar, founder of CAT, is like the Christopher Columbus of the cyber world.”

The A-Nex Initial Coin Offering

The official date for the launch of A-Nex’s ICO is scheduled for November 15, 2018. Non-US crypto-enthusiasts, particularly the community in Korea, will be able to start their transactions immediately after this date. Those who wish to participate will be able to invest in a new, digital advancement that is expected to grow and to provide numerous benefits for the crypto economy.