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3commas.io – The Future Of Smart Crypto Trading, Today!

Last Updated May 16, 2023 6:50 AM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated May 16, 2023 6:50 AM

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A crypto trading platform that brings professional trading tools to minimize risk and increase profits in any market conditions. All major exchanges are supported through API links that allow for market orders to be placed through 3commas , without deposit/withdrawal rights for your safety.

Why Smart- Trade?

1 – A unified interface and dashboard for all supported exchanges
2 – Concurrent Stop Loss and Take Profit target setting – unavailable on most exchanges
3 – Trailing features for SLs and TPs (Trailing Buys will launch soon) – Follow price/action with user-set percentage deviation to minimize risk
4– Notifications of trade status on desktop and mobile
5 – Trader’s Journal – Aggregates automatically a summary of all executed trades
6 – Indexed portfolios with re-balance capabilities

Unified User Interface To Execute Trades On All Exchanges

a screenshot of a computer screen with a number of options
Smart-Trade interface

To access the Smart-Trade features, holders of crypto assets on supported exchanges need to connect 3commas to their respective exchanges via API. For more information on how to connect 3commas to exchanges, please visit our Wiki / FAQ section at 3commas.zendesk.com . Further support from staff and fellow traders is also available on Telegram: https://t.me/commaschat 


Concurrent Stop-Loss And Take-Profit

While having a unified interface for all supported exchanges eliminates the inconvenience of mastering each exchange’s order functionality, it may not be a strong enough argument for joining 3commas, so let’s move on.

How many times have you lost money while waiting for a spot buy/sell to execute during rapid price/action movements? How many times did you watch your carefully chosen stop-limit being executed, just to see the price rebound seconds later? 3commas offers the ability not only to set CONCURRENT SLs and TPs, but to also choose a safety margin for each selected target, through the Trailing function, expressed as a percentage of deviation from the target value. By applying concurrent limits in the manner described, traders can limit risk and profit even in downtrend conditions.

The order execution through 3commas is fast, almost instantaneous, on all supported exchanges (Bittrex, Binance, Poloniex, Bitstamp, KuCoin, HitBTC, with more being added at users’ requests.)

3commas will soon launch TRAILING BUYS to complement the SMART-TRADE tool set and create the opportunity to further manage volatility and apply a professional “laddered” technique favored by many pro traders.

a line graph showing the number of people in each country
    Order book Bittrex, for example

Orders created through SMART-TRADE are placed in the order book for the selected exchange while the 3commas bot continuously monitors price/action to trigger the market order when the conditions set through SLs/TPs are met. Thus, 3commas does not clutter the Order Book of the exchange, it does not create fake walls and at the same time, it can close your position in both directions, according to the rules established by you, of course. An added bonus is the ability to place orders or monitor the status of Smart-Trades already initiated from mobile (iOS and Android) access points.

The Trailing Function Further Explained

Trailing Stop-Loss Example: Let’s say you bought 1 ETH at 0.005 BTC. 3commas allows you to set a Stop Loss at -10% = 0.045BTC and Take Profit at +20% = 0.06 BTC in relation to the initial purchase price. The trailing stop feature moves the stop-loss by the set deviation as the price moves toward the target take-profit value. For example: the price of ETH increased by 10% (0.55 BTC) and now your stop-loss of 10% will be adjusted to 0,0495BTC.

Trailing Take-Profit Example: Let’s assume you purchased a token for $5 and select $6 as a Take-Profit value. The TP condition set means that when the price reaches $6, your position will close, and you will earn $1. By using the Trailing TP function, the position will not close at a set value, but rather follow the price action for increased profits, in a situation when market prices exceed your anticipated maximum value. If say, price reaches $9, your profit will safely increase from $1 (with fixed TP) to $3 with the trailing feature activated.

Real-Time Notifications

a screenshot of a table with a number of items on it

An invaluable feature for traders who do not wish to spend all day in front of the computer; we offer the ability to generate push-notifications both in-browser and through our mobile apps. The notification settings are user-selected in the “profile” section.

Notes For Orders And Trader’s Journal

Whether one follows trading signals or recent news about various tokens, quite often small trades and related information is forgotten. 3commas allows users to add notes to all orders for future reference.

a white screen with a red and blue line on it

The Trader’s Journal provides the means to capture additional information for each trade. Reviewing trades at a later date provides both learning opportunities and the ability to share information with fellow 3commas traders.

Usage of notes in the orders table:

a table that has a bunch of numbers on it

Indexed Portfolios

3commas offers passive investors the tools to create their own portfolios and execute market orders with one click regardless of how many tokens are selected. The automatic rebalancing can be set at the desired frequency, and changes to the indexed portfolios can be easily made to add or remove tokens. Key risk indicators are instantly displayed, and users can copy other traders’ portfolios.

Data suggests that mixing risky assets in an index reduces overall risk for your investment portfolio. This model adds value and outperforms the individual assets from a risk-adjusted perspective.

a bar chart with a line graph in the middle of it

3commas will soon create a “social-trading” environment that will allow users to copy other traders’ successful trades or mixed-asset indexes.

You can join 3commas’ over 15,000 users, and vibrant community Telegram channels while accessing and leveraging pro-trading tools for lower risk and increased profits.

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Official support: https://3commas.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/360000019313-English-