10 New Bitcoin Job Openings Across The Industry!

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December 28, 2014 11:55 AM UTC

Have you been thinking about having a career in the emerging decentralized economy? Are you on the hunt for a Bitcoin job? If so, we’re here to lend a helping hand.

Startups in the Crypto and Bitcoin Industry are looking for skilled professionals to join their teams, and we’re bringing you new opportunities every week. Check out this week’s Bitcoin job listings and start applying.

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New Bitcoin Job Openings

01. Business Development Manager

Company: Coinbase
Location: San Francisco, California

Bitcoin wallet and platform, Coinbase is searching for a Business Development Manager to identify, research and explore new market opportunities.

02. Senior Software Engineer

Company: CryptoLabs
Location: Rochester, New York

Hardware bitcoin wallet startup, CryptoLabs is seeking a Senior Software Engineer to help build the stack that communicates with their device, bitcoin exchanges, and financial services.

03. News Producer

Company: Money & Tech
Location: San Francisco, California

Multimedia news organization, Money & Tech is looking for an experienced News Producer to guide the quality and integrity of company news broadcasts.

04. Senior Ruby Software Engineer

Company: Bolt
Location: San Francisco, California

Crypto payments startup, Bolt is in need of a Senior Ruby Software Engineer to lead their software development team and ensure consistent and timely delivery of products.

05. Full Stack Engineer

Company: Tradewave
Location: London, Ohio

Cryptocurrency trading platform, Tradewave is looking for a Full Stack Engineer to write Python scripts.

06. Web Scraper

Company: CoinPip
Location: Anywhere

Bitcoin merchant service, CoinPip is searching for a Web Scraper to scrape bid and ask price information from bitcoin exchange sites.

07. Marketing Officer

Company: Bitwage
Location: Sunnyvale, California

Bitcoin payroll startup, Bitwage is seeking to hire a Marketing Officer to help with customer outreach, marketing strategy, writing, graphic design and video.

08. Software Developer

Company: Hedgy
Location: San Francisco, California

Smart contract platform, Hedgy is looking for a Software Developer to join the founding team and create, lead and manage products.

09. Data Engineer

Company: Chain
Location: San Francisco, California

Bitcoin developer platform, Chain is searching for a Data Engineer to build a highly available, horizontally scalable data tier.

10. Chief Compliance Officer

Company: Coinsetter
Location: New York, NY

Bitcoin exchange, Coinsetter is seeking a Chief Compliance Officer to obtain state money transmitter licensing across the United States and manage Coinsetter’s ongoing compliance program.

Do any positions interest you? Let us know in the comments!

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