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10 Bitcoin Job Openings In the United States

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM
Connie Kearney
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM

dream-job-squareAre you on the hunt for a Bitcoin job?  Well, we have you covered as you search for your next big career move. Bitcoin startups are looking to fill jobs, and we’re bringing you the opportunities. Check out this week’s Bitcoin job listings and start applying.

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New Bitcoin Job Openings

01. Senior Ruby Engineer

Company: Bolt
Location: San Francisco, California

Bitcoin payments startup, Bolt is looking for a Senior Ruby Engineer to play a lead role on their engineering team while building a Bitcoin application.

02. Business/Marketing Specialist

Company: Bitwage
Location: Sunnyvale, California

Bitcoin payroll company, Bitwage is seeking a Business/Marketing Specialist to assist with their customer outreach and acquisition, and their marketing strategy.

03. Staff Web Developer 

Company: HelloBit
Location: San Francisco, California

Bitcoin remittance startup, HelloBit is searching for a Staff Web Developer to be responsible for the development of their Ruby on Rails application.

04. Blockchain Scientist 

Company: itBit
Location: New York, NY

Bitcoin exchange, itBit is looking to hire a Blockchain Scientist, who is familiar with various emerging cryptographic protocols to help identify and aid in the integration of such protocols into their existing business.

05. Operations Engineer 

Company: Ripple Labs
Location: San Francisco, California

Ripple Labs is seeking an Operations Engineer to help facilitate the operation of multiple data centers and the rapid scaling of the Ripple network.

06. Product Designer 

Company: Coinbase
Location: San Francisco, California

Bitcoin wallet and platform, Coinbase is in need of a Product Designer to translate high-level conceptual product ideas into well-designed features.

07. Software Engineer (Front-end)

Company: BitGo
Location: Palo Alto, California

Bitcoin security platform, BitGo is searching for a Front-end Software Engineer to help build the best bitcoin wallet and online software in the world.

08. Business Development Specialist 

Company: ZenBox
Location: Anywhere

Bitcoin ATM, ZenBox is looking for a freelance Business Development Specialist to negotiate host location agreements with businesses owners and landlords to onboard locations.

09. Product Designer

Company: Chain
Location: San Francisco, California

Bitcoin API platform, Chain is searching for a Product Designer to be responsible for creating beautiful, usable, elegant interfaces for all the products surrounding the Chain Platform.

10. Software Developer

Company: Hedgy
Location: San Francisco, California

Smart contracts startup, Hedgy is seeking a Software Developer to take charge of their smart contract trading engine.

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