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World’s First eSports Cryptocurrency ‘eBoost’ Sees Crowdfunding on Bittrex

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:51 PM
Olusegun Ogundeji
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:51 PM

Mockit, the popular eSports site which has received more than five million replays on Amazon.com ’s Twitch.tv , is the platform to unveil eBoost, the world’s first cryptocurrency to be used in the eSports field. Its crowdfunding is currently underway.

Created and issued by the International eBoost Society, the new eBoost token is a piece of software that will be used as an in-game cryptocurrency to facilitate wagering in player-to-player eSports games such as chess or ping pong.

Less-restricted among borders than traditional payment systems like MasterCard and Visa, though each site may put limits on who may participate, the eBoost Society has began the public crowdfunding of the token on September 15 exclusively at Bittrex  exchange.

Bittrex will host 20 million tokens at a first-day price of 4800 eBoost per BTC each. By the second day, the price will drop to 4000 eBoost per BTC and it will go down 25 EBST per day until it reaches a final day price of 3000 EBST per BTC.

The crowdfund which will run till October 27, 2016 would have to raise a minimum of 150 BTC to be considered a success. If this minimum goal is not reached during the approximately 42-day period, all crowdsale funds will be returned and every unsold coin will be verifiably “burned” – destroyed by sending to a public address with no known private key.

Initial trading coins will consist of the crowdsale coins, plus 2 million coins held by the Foundation for initial business development, marketing, tech updates and maintenance. Full details of distribution and verification of addresses is in crowdsale terms at

The eBoost Society is co-founded by Marshall Long, Nicholas Thomas and Lionel Iruke. They estimate that the sales of the eSports game has grown to be a $1 billion market on its own and its demographic time has come.

One of the investors in the eBoost token is BitAngels’ founder Michael Terpin. eBoost will be a non-mineable and proof-of-work token.