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Weekly Roundup; Cryptos Begin on Good Footing This Week

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:57 PM
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Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:57 PM

Last week was not that exciting but at least it was the post-market panic week and not much casualties were recorded. To be apt it was an up and down week with some slight gains here and there.

However, Stratis and Waves made some commendable incursions on the top 10, that enlarged the frontiers of the industry. These two newcomers at the elite zone made quite some valuable gains.

In a twist, Russia announced within the week it is set to develop a national Cryptocurrency to be known as Russian Bitcoin. It is reported that the virtual currency will be freely available for sale and purchase in Russia.

In another sign of gradual state acceptance of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday gave audience to Ethereum Inventor Buterin Vitalik. The meeting took place at the just ended St Petersburg’s International Economic Forum.

Bitcoin Core developer Eric Lombrozo was widely reported on Thursday for offering support for BIP 148. He is quoted as saying that Segwit and larger blocks don’t truly conflict as scaling solutions.

Moreover, the week also observed Bitcoin crossing the $2500 line. Primarily, this was the first after the last market upheavals that dropped the price to the $2000-2100 range.

Market Updates (as of 9 AM GMT Monday)

This week has commenced on a very good footing with all the elite tokens in the winning ways. If the pattern persists there would be a bounteous harvest.

At 09:00 GMT, Bitcoin remains the most valuable Cryptocurrency around. It posted a profit of 1.83 percent and was selling for $2562.12.

Ethereum had a bad week with three consecutive days loses, however, it has started the week on a very good note. The Smart Contract Pathfinder is enjoying a market price of $244.70 dollars whilst it appreciated by 5.03 percent.

Ripple also had a lackadaisical week but then again it made some modest gains today. It was up 1.70 percent and sold for $0.297995.

New Economic Movement (NEM) won the day with the biggest gains and as the 4th richest token with 7.94 higher extensions. Its price was $0.234021

On the 5th position, gallant Ethereum Classic upped its game from last week’s appalling show with a little bit win of 0.39 percent to sell at $17.02.

Litecoin followed suit with a 7.54 percentage point of accruals making the 2nd most appreciable cryptocurrency on the top 10 today. One could buy it for $29.28.

The Battle between Dash and Stratis over the number 7 spot is intensifying. Only today alone the two have changed places twice. Dash is now in the lead recording 0.70 percent additions and a market price of $142.71.

Stratis is now at number eight holding a selling price of $10.4 and 3.01 percent skyward adjustment.

Monero has also begun the week very well with 7.05 percent profit and occupies the last but one position. Exchanges listed it for $45.75.

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