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Visa Looks for Senior Developer for Virtual Currency & Blockchain Research

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:47 PM
Samburaj Das
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:47 PM

Visa has, in a job posting, revealed that it is looking to hire a senior software engineer to be a part of its research team to help develop a “secure and scalable blockchain” network.

The job posting comes via a posting by Visa Research, a newly created arm of the payments company as a part of exploring new innovation and expanding its technology research globally.

The job entails research and development work in the arena of emerging payments, blockchain, virtual currencies and other emerging payment technologies.

Visa Research is putting together research teams to focus on three “key areas” as it states, in data analytics, security and future of payment(s). The job posting cites “outstanding” researchers at all levels of experience to be a part of the founding team in the ‘future of payments’ to explore and develop technologies that Visa says will be “critical” to the payments industry in the future.

Visa also contends that the payments industry is undergoing “a digital transformation”, pointing to data as the “critical differentiator.”

Proof of Concept Blockchain Applications

The work will entail the development of “proof of concept” applications in real world scenarios that entails Visa’s strategic products. The role, Visa adds, will demand “key contributions” for Visa’s strategic vision for the future of the payments industry.

The job requirements also revealed insight into Visa’s desire for a head start in the payments industry, with the requirement to develop the proof-of-concept prototypes with “fast iteration and experimentation.”

Furthermore, the core skills required in the candidates include competency in algorithms, data structures and software design that is optimized for “building highly distributed and parallelized systems. The job also seeks experience in working with cryptography, hashing, signing and more.

In a nod toward seeking previous blockchain experience, the job posting also gives favorability towards candidates who have previous enterprise blockchain platforms such as Chain.com.

Visa previously acknowledged blockchain and bitcoin as a reality that ‘the industry has to live with’ in a blog post that served as a retrospective for the year 2015.

An excerpt from the post read:

2015 has turned blockchain into something the industry has to live with. It is no longer a choice anymore. Recent news speculating about the identity of its creator and the formalization of virtual money as a commodity, just makes it more real than ever before.

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