Video: Explore 360° of a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine

May 10, 2016 23:45 UTC

A secretive bitcoin mining operation in China. $8 million in mining revenue every year and a 360° view of the secretive facility.

Chandler Guo is a Chinese bitcoin entrepreneur and owner of Bitbank, a secretive Chinese mining operation far removed from the control of the Chinese government who haven’t taken a clear stance on the cryptocurrency yet.

Guo comes from a farming family and it is perhaps apt that he is now running a bitcoin farm in an age of virtual currencies. After making his riches from a beef farm, Guo saw potential bitcoin before investing in the equipment required to mine the cryptocurrency.

The following is a 360° video, courtesy of Brit Lab, which sees Guo taking a stroll through his mining facility, tucked away high up between the mountains.

The comprehensive operation with thousands of mining rigs makes for a wiring nightmare, as the video shows. An industrial fan sits between the aisles of rigs, fanning them with cool air or pulling out the heat in a location so high up in the mountains where the air is thin and humans need cans of oxygen to breathe.

The location, presumably, remains a secret.

Image from BBC.

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